the esks have patched up almost everything they needed to patch up this offseason, theyll definitly be in the playoffs.

…Playoffs? Maybe the playoffs for the patching bee…

…sorry man, couldn’t resist…

That's did your front office change it's mind down there and will allow us to purchase a ticket to just one game if we want to come down and cheer for the Esks on labor day?

Also, who is the backup down there in case something happens to Burris? Tommy Jones?

In response to the comment regarding "patchin up". I was watching the Esks when Warren Moon was a rookie. I have seen lineups come and go, and quite frankly I am pleaed with what they have been doing. I believe we will have as many as 5 or 6 new faces on defense and be much stronger on that side of the ball

what do u mean i believe we will have 5 or 6 new faces on defense? im pretty sure we already DO have 5 or 6 new faces on defense.

Just the way I phrased it, that's all......Montford, Sanchez and Wiltshire will be there for sure and probably Jason Lamar as well, but I believe DM when he says there will be competition for all jobs and you cannot rule out returning players winning thier jobs back. They are bringing a lot more players than the ones I mentioned into camp so it should be interesting

Jason who? Jason Lamar! Oh yeah, I remember, that guy who was on the relief team of the Als all season long last year...woooshh...other teams coaches will get headaches trying to find out how to get round of him...what a reinforcement! A bedrock of defense! Unbeatable, really.

Ummm... he played for Hamilton for most of the season, and only played 2 games for Montreal near the end of the year, but thanks for your valuable and well-informed insight anyways.

Jason Lamar 2004 stats:

Ti-Ctas: 13 Games played - 59 defensive tackles (3 for a loss), 5 sacks, and 2 interceptions (both returned for touchdowns).

Alouettes: 2 Games played - 7 defensive tackles, 2 special teams tackles.

Sorry. You're right. I meant post-season. By the way, nice copy-paste for the stats. It just seems like you pawned it off as your own knowledge just to embarrass me when I'm just mistaken. Keep plunging into your stats trying to thwart people. Loser.

K...alot of people do it, im sure its pretty obvious he didnt do it himself, cuz seriously who memorizes those stats and why would you brag about it.

cut him some slack, and settle down.

whatever, you can name call all you want it doesn't change the fact that the Eskimos have added Joe Montford, Davis Sanchez, Kelly Wiltshire and 6 other imports of various NFL experience on the defensive side of the ball. They will be a better defence than last year. Jason Lamar is only one player and who knows, maybe you are right and he backs up AJ Gass. I think it will be more competitive than it has been for a few years and the results will be positive.

If nothing else he adds a little depth

they had alot of injuries last year, they had the defense, but they were all on the sidelines, if the stay healthy and with these new guys, the esks will have the best defense in the league.

Bold statement, but I think the Riders will be able to rival that defence or in fact they will be able to outplay your defence, just watch, The Riders will allow the least amount of points this year.

Jeremy, did you bump your head!

Actually I did bump my head but I still have enough common sense to see the Riders will make the playoffs and the Eskimos won't.

that mustve left a pretty big bump

Don't know Jeremy....I certainly agree that the Riders defence should be strong, but don't know you folks can say that they will make playoffs and Esks won't at this point in the season (oops season hasn't started). I guess you should hit the snooze button and go back to sleep and keep dreamin.

Seriously though, I am looking forward to a very competitive western division this year. Would not be surprised to see play off spots not decided until last few weeks of the season, except still think BC will finish first but after that will be a dogfight.


Hit a nerve, didn't I?

no, hes just a spazzin out

No, he's right.

I can't believe I actually took a minute to look up some statistics and use real facts to prove a point.

What on Earth was I thinking?


bombers r gonna kick ur asses tonight little girls. our homeboy tom canada is gonna kick the crap out of all of your quarterbacks. p.s. have fun with kahari jones on your team