Dear fans of the eskimos?
Your team will suck seriously all season long no playoffs.
Ricky Ray will get sacked everyday that you wont even have a quarterback
your coach even sucks there is no one even good on your team.


I was hoping this forum would be a good forum, none of this crap where people only troll. I mean whats the point, especially doing it in the Eskis forum. Ya I am a Riders fan and ya I do hope the Eskis will suck this year but everyone nows the only reason you're posting is to stir the pot. I'm ashamed that you're a Rider fan.

That was uncalled for, although, you would think he could name a quarterback who actually plays for the Eskimos...

[b]I'm thinkin the 23 in your nic is probably indicitve of your I.Q. I mean really. Look at your apalling lack of any grammar, and sentence structure. Try mixing in a comma, or a period every once in a while. Ricky Ray ?¿? Are you high ? The guy plays for the New York Jets in the NFL. I can see how you made the mistake though. Afterall both teams do have green on their uniforms. Don't bring your pathetic weakass smack in here, BillyBob, or Jethro, or whatever the hell your inbreading parents named you. You don't have the game, to sustain a smack war. You've been weighed. You've been measured. You have been found wanting.

Oh, and one more thing. Your team hasn't won JACK since '89. Don't you think you should be worrying about your chances in 05. Instead of what will happen with
THÊ M?GHT¥ Ê�MØÑTØÑ?ʧ?�Mا ? Just a thought.

P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.

ESKIMOS SUCK I DON'T think so . Hughie is way to smart for that . What worries me [being a Riders fan is he's to quiet ] the Eskimos didn't become a great club because Hughie is a idiot .Ihave nothing but respect for him . Your'e team has set the bar high and made rest of the teams try meet it. Beside who else would we have ;love to hate if the Eskimos were in the basement. Trash talk is great but should be done with style. long live the CFL long the rivalries.

eskies dont need to change. they had a perfectly good team last. capable of winnin the big game. they just had coaching and injury problems. i honestly think maciacio will be a better coach, and they will tons better this year than they were last year.

and congratulations on confirming my theory that just about all rider fans are dumbasses.

To Eskimos32001, I think you should read all the posts thoroughly before saying that all rider fans are dumbasses. They aren't. I have been an Eskimo's fan since the day I was born and I truly appreciated several of them taking their own to task for that weak ass lame attempt at smack. Thank you rider fans for showing some class.

For me I love rivalries like the battle of Alberta, but there is nothing more annoying than talking to a rival fan who hates you or your team, but doesn't have a clue why. To me those are just idiots who truly don't understand the game and are scared to admit it. Instead they want hide behind some smart ass comment thinking they are supporting their team and participating in the rivalry.

I lived in Calgary for 6 years and I truly believe that there are knowledgable football fans down there, but there are also a lot of people who will sit there and say your team sucks just cause they are from Edmonton or BC or wherever. They can't back up their arguments with logic and thought, all they can do spew crap. I have seen fans like that in our city as well, you know the ones. No matter how good the Stamps or Riders are, there will be people using that tired old insult, YOU SUCK just because the yare from that city.

As far as the Riders go, they scare me a little. I think they are a QB away from challenging BC seriously for first in the west. Who knows what will happen once the NFL goes to camp and they start to release players. That's just my opinion, humble as it may be. I look forward to the season and to watching Edmonton surprise some of the nay sayers.

Good post supertoe!

ya good one....i especially liked how you thanked rider fans for their class. i didnt say that the riders were a bad team, i actually think they are quite competitive. im saying most of their fans are idiots and sure you've been to a rider game, and noticed every 5th person is drunk. maybe thats why they think they're the best team in the league.

im sure there are lots of intelligent rider fans, i know a few my self, but if you think that the top post was intelligent, then ur not very intelligent urslef.

like cmon, ricky ray isnt even our QB anymore. how bout that guy not backin up his words with facts, or even logic for that.

Ha!Yah that ricky ray comment was a total miss....Oh well I think some one (rider pride) is just getting a little excited for the season which is looming over all of us!...And thanks for the Post super toe...I heart you! sorry eskimos fans about the low blow in your own forum..what would the league be with out the eskamos...Lefsrud and Mclane i think are from saskatchewan and so in that case If we're following the Green Bloodline...the Eskamos are somewhat family maybe along the lines of like a third cousin...or first cousin by way of marrage!...I don't know maybe I'm just being one of those drunk dumbass riderfans....but anyway good luck with the season Eskamos! It is going to be solid!

Eskimo32001, Fianlly finally someone can see what I have noticed all along. The Rider Fans actually think that is a good football team in their eyes. Mind you after 10 beer any team looks good. To come on the Eskimo forum and say they suck is stupid andthe guy is nothing short of a moron and is still drunk from last year.

I didn't say that the top post was intelligent, and I certainly hope that I didn't give that impression. I was actually responding more to the Rider fans that posted to disagree with him. The other point I was trying to make is that there are fans like that in every city. For me it gets tiresome talking with a fan from another city, trying to discuss the merits of why you think your team (or theirs) and the best response they can offer is "You suck just cause you are from Edmonton!". How much thought goes into a comment like that and what in the hell does it have to do with the fact that the Eskimos are consistently a play off contender. Even years when the Riders cannot get it together on the field their fans act like they are undefeated and the class of the league. The support they give is undeniable, but part of being a fan means understanding the game of football and being able to recognize and acknowledge talent, wherever it is.

Supertoe, you are a good fan just from your posts. You are correct it is useless to get a fan from an opposing team to see what you see in your specific team. The only way is for the season to start and let them show the fans of opposing teams. But for Rider fans the guy above really hurts the creditibility of good fans. But there are trolls in every CFL city. I guess the thing to do is not give them the time of day. The worst fans you can find are on the sportsnet site. If you have a differing opinion they get rude and ignorant. Here it is not as bad. Most posters here are good at respecting others.
If you wish to see an Eskimo fan that does the same thing and you want a good laugh go to and read the Luddite posts, this guy is very bad for the good Eskie fans.

Thanks redwhite2005, life is good cause the season is less than 2 months away and counting. It will be better when we can chat about games and plays and who actually did whup someones ass, instead of speculating about who might.

Good luck to the Eskimo's!


I know Mclane is from Saskatchewan cause he played Highschool Football for the same team i do in my hometown.

Hey, the eskimos are not going to suck this year.
THey have picked up three key players on defense that will anchor there defense that was so miserable last year. Davis sanchez and malcolm frank oth on corner is an amazing tandem. Also with Whiltshire at safety they will have a much improved pass defense. Then they also picked up montford to sure up the pass rush. Finally the esks offesne will have maas who i believe is as good if not better than ricky ray the the cfl game. then we have the always amazing reicving corp. even without vaughn they will be incredible and they will fine someone to rush for 70 odd yards a game.

wow... i am having trouble sayin somethin here... ok, first off how is it that a rider fan comes onto the Esks area and posts a dumbass comment witch then leads to all the other prairie team fans to praise the Esks?... i understand you guys agreeing with the guy being an absolute moron(or he just wanted to stir things up) but you dont go and praise the opposition, you say that the guy is an embarassment to your team then say how he should have fraised it... i mean just from this topic you'd figure that the Esks are the favs for the GC...

pfft... stamps and riders fans praising the Esks... what is the world comming to?

I've noticed alot of other fans have tried to laugh off the Eskimos aquisitions, that they made their Achilles heel even more of a weakness. Is it a coincidence that most are Stamps and Riders fans? I am really tired of them taking out their insecurities out on us. But when you're second-class, you tend to bash your big brother to feel better about yourself.

Edmonton fans demand playoffs every year, and the Esks have the brains, and the money to do it. That is what you should worry about.