Eskimos-Stuffed Turkeys

I am an Argos fan and the Eskimos are going to be served up on a platter like the stuffed Turkeys we had today.Those pesky Argos are going to walk all over the Eskimos tomorrow. :smiley:

I guess we'll just have to wait and see about that one won't we? GO ESKS GO!

The esks are going to beat the stuufing out of you turkeys

12 cups and counting

12 cups of stuffing!

Speaking of stuffing whats wrong with this cheer leader to much Tim Horton's I believe!

dribble boy: I thought that we settled this

best thing Calgary has seen since last labour day

Buhda just thought I would let you see the waist on this girl! You have to admit she must be grazing at the donut shop! She has alrger waist then a buhda!

Eskimo tail gating!

If this girl was on a beach sun bathing, Green Peace would roll her back into the water!

redwhite2005, that is one of the most piggish things I've read from you. You're not any better than any other idiot on this site who slams people for the way they look (see: people taking pot-shots at Maas, Burris.....). Time to grow up, unless it makes you feel like a big man to make fun of someone else's appearance.....

shes still hotter then anything hell ever get.

Ah you are right but just reminding the budha here who's cheerleaders are grazing. Yes this is not right, yes it is imature, but necessary! Maybe now this girl will quit crashing the lineup at the donut shop!

Hey dribble boy I stopped. You got it going again, don't blame me for your mistakes

something about glass houses too

I am pointing the finger at you tubby belly!

You're still acting like an ass, redwhite.

Are you jealous or what, I can start paying attention to you if you want.

Are we trying to talk football or are we just having a pissing contest?

budha, I don't get jealous. I'm perfectly contented with me just the way I am, and I definitely don't want someone of your opinions paying any sort of attention to me. I don't see why you felt the need to comment anyway - my comment was in no way directed at you, which was obvious from the wording.

jagjm, perhaps you should get to know the personalities of the people involved before you pass judgement on pissing contests. Quite difficult to do on the first day you're here, and on your first post.

jm02: Of all the people that have seen the posts that Dribble boy and I have put on you are the only one to complain. I said this directly to Dribble boy himself. If a Stamps and an Esks fan can’t put down everything to do with the other team then, the world is coming to an end. The fans of each team hate other, when it comes to sports. Every self repecting ESKS fan is also an ABC fan (anybody but calgary) and the opposite is true for every self respecting stamps fan. This is the same in every sport that the twp cities are involved in. I personally was hoping for Tampa in 03, because there was no way I could cheer for the Flames.
What Dribble boy and I are doing is harmless fun and if you do not like it there is always the back button, because we are not breaking any of the forum rules.

Breaking forum rules? No. Showing yourselves as classless and sexist pigs? Definitely. How would you enjoy someone commenting like that about your sister or girlfriend?

Ouch you got me. To put it bluntly "Suck it up Princess", if we were not supposed to look and make comments, then why do teams even have cheerleaders? Better yet why do teams have parts of their sites dedicated directly to their cheerteam? ALso rememeber that the team that I support is the only cheer team in North American Professional sports with males on it.
DO I look at beautyful women, yes. If I quit looking bury me. Just like any married women will look at a good looking man, and make comments about ones that are not good looking. Does that make those women sexest pigs? By your reasoning yes.

RedandWhite2005 and I are having some fun with each other and that is all. Once again if you don't like it there is a back button located at the top left corner of your browser use it.