Eskimo's Stoked!!!

Keith Stokes is an Eskimo, this is very good news indeed!

Yup he's a great returner if he can hold on to the ball. He did well in Winnipeg, sad to see him go. I wonder fi they are gonna give Fred Reid his time to shine here in Winnipeg now?

He'll make some moves for them later in the season. There is something about the history there. I like the move.


Sad to see him leave again, he looked like he had regained his old form last year for the Bombers. But, that's the SMS and I'm sure the Esks are going to have to make some room for him too.

Is that Reid the backup rb? I like him.

Yeah he is! He played awesome for us when Charlie went down. I just hope they integrate him a little more into the game be it a 2 back system or have him returning, dudes got some speed.

Yeah, based on what I saw from him, if push came to shove and I had to protect one of those two, it'd probably be the kid...young legs - he's fast and runs hard, and a little bigger than Charlie, at probably half the price and he can't be as high maintenance.

Eskies sure seem to have made some great roster moves — lets hope that Alvin can put it all together and turn the team around.

After 79 viewings with my 4 year-old over the weekend, I can state with absolute certainty that he's really more of a Theodore.... got it right artie.....Stokes can still burn up the field...but so can Reid and he's got the age factor going for him.....I'd like to see the Bombers try out the 2 back system...and IF they did..i can gurantee the opposition would have their hands full...of air that is...Roberts and Reid...they both have the moves and can fly :rockin: ....good luck to Keith in schmoeville'

I was referring to Reid, not Stokes.

stokes did step up last year. hurt with the ball control but he was doing a much better job. I wanted to see him back but the SMS hurts and we got reid and a new guy we just picked up so hopefully one of them prosper.

Stokes....Goodspeed...Stokes....Canada...Stokes...raise for Kevin Glenn.
Bye-bye Stokes....

He is only 30, but the way he has bounced around the last couple of years, this is likely his last chance to find a home.

ohh i agree, he is the victim of the sms. i am more then happy with the moves taman made, but he did seem to be alot better when he was hear.

Completely agree. We've made some good moves, put together a pretty good team. Now we just need the coaching staff to step it up.

I like Keith Stokes, but he'll never be what he was when he was in Montreal. He was outstanding. Now, he's just good.