Eskimos @ Stampeders

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Oops. Summer Glau was at Comic Con and I totally forgot about this game. :oops: :lol:

Now I know just who is this Summer you talked about also last year:

Wow :slight_smile:

That's the Glaudess. She takes priority over everything. Even the Lakers, the team I've been following for 12+ years.

C'mon Eskies have you been watching any film? That is the signature Stamps play. :x

I love how Edmonton needed all 12 guys to stop Cornish. :roll:

I <3 Stamps! :lol:

TD with the extra yardage on the kickoff too! :smiley:

Note that typical dirty Stamps late hit for that matter.

This is inexcusable. Geez it's not like the pass rush is not solid, and then we have no LB responsible or quick enough to mark Cornish or the outlet or screen pass option. C'mon damnit! :x

Correction made! Sherritt spies Reynolds for the strip, but I have a feeling that it will be ruled incomplete because Reynolds never had control. At least the fundamentals at LB are getting back in order and maybe we can stop Cornish too given that our secondary seems to be covering well.

I was hoping he'd shank it. :twisted:

Please continue to channel your inner Bizarro-Duval Chief.

Anyone else find the "CFL and its 8 teams" weird? I know the league only has 8 teams, but they never use to say that before, and with Ottawa coming back in a couple years, it just seems odd.

Wow Duvall ! Take that Chief :lol:

You know it's going to be so weird watching the NFL with its 32 teams again on small fields after getting into the CFL so much. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I can relate.

Duval is MONEY Chief! I'll keep channeling my inner Duval, and you keep working your Bizarro Duval on that Paredes.

Duval is bad for my health. Whenever he has to kick a 40+ FG, I feel my heart seize up. :lol:

You guys are going to look foolish when Edmonton's on the verge of advancing to the Grey Cup, but Duval shanks the game-winning FG into the sixth row. Sure, it'll be a nice souvenir for a fan, but we won't be in the Grey Cup. :wink:

Well if we get that close in making it to the grey cup I would call this season a success

Fred Freaking Stamps!