Eskimos @ Stampeders

The Battle of Alberta is about to begin!

Go Esks!!! :smiley:

ok Burris, time to light it up!

Should be another good game, I expect Calgary wins.

It won't be much of a battle....Calgary will embarrass them!!

funny, Kabongo is taunting the Stamps, saying "I'm gonna Hold you!!, I'm gonna Hold you!!"

I suppose I deserve that for all the crap I said about B.C. :lol: Oh well! Come on, Eskies!!! :smiley:

He seems to do that before most games (that I’ve seen, anyway).

Pretty mouthy for a large pylon.

hehe, well his nickname is Kaholdo, there is a reason for it afterall.. :lol:

This is a playoff game, ain't it? Why are there so many empty seats?

Edmonton draws first blood. Go Esks!

all that work, for just 3 points? :o

woooo 90yd Kick Return!!

lets get a TD!

I expected more fireworks by this point.

No way they can overrule the call. They said it was Edmonton’s ball, and there’s not enough evidence to prove the contrary.

bull crap Chief!!!

first off, the ball was OUT OF BOUNDS! when he touched it.

2nd, Howell never touched the Ball!!!!!


The replay really shows nothing conclusive to overrule the call, in this case you're really hoping the official made the correct call to begin with.

TOLD YOU! .... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh, that is horse shit!!! :roll:

Wow that’s a huge blow call IMO, there’s nothing conclusive that show he doesn’t touch the ball, in fact when they blew up the replay it looked like it hit his hand. Tack on the 15 yard penalty on top of the blown call and that’s awful.

HOW? the replay clearly shows the ball never touched Howell..

you can't get any clearer than that!

if the ball had touched his hand, then it would have altered in it's movement in any sort of way..

and it did not!

the right call was made!