Eskimos @ Stampeders

Let's go Eskimos! Don't make me reach for the rum tonight...

That's Dave Randorf singing the football theme. I know it.

I almost don't even want to watch this game... :lol:

that song makes me want to reach for the rum


Why not reach for it anyway? I'm cheerin' for the Eskies too. That means when we beat the Riders we'll move ahead of them. :smiley:

What is with recievers having such a long leash for getting a jump on their routes?? Copeland was easily offside on the first catch. I think the Riders get away with it more than any other team to be honest. I don't remember seeing so many non calls and that goes for every least it is consistent I guess..

since when is whitlock useful? unbeleivable

edmonton is marching. not good. gotta stop the run

Nice to see the Eskimos putting McCarty to good use. Had no idea the guy was injured for so long. I thought it was just a minor injury, and they weren't using him. Good to have him back.

One should never deny one self rum....

i love my stamps, but enough with the "i love J.R." hour

Glad to see the Frank Burris and the swiss cheese o-line decided to show up tonight. Brutal!!

calgary tackling is a little better then it was against the puke green riders.

Uhoh. .the bad Stamps team showed up tonight.... someone wanna twitter the stamps A squad, they're late for the game tonight!!!

Should be 14 - 1 already. Calgary should consider themselves dam lucky. Although, if their defensive doesn't wake up it could be a long night.

Woot! Two opportunities to put up 7, and instead we settle for a pair of field goals. Awesome! Hello Stamps Comeback!!! :smiley:

The way they're playing.... it might as well be 14-1

where's Copeland or Lewis??, Is not one of them open ever?

You go Romby!

if he would have wrapped up, it would have been an amazing hit