Eskimos slaughtered in Regina

The pre-game is about to start soon, so I thought I'd make the game thread.

Anyone else predicting a slaughter? I figure the Riders will take it by at least two touchdowns. Aside from Tristan Jackson getting a few decent runs last week, this team has looked terrible. The offence is pretty much playing without an offensive line, so Ricky Ray either has to run for his life or throw the ball willy-nilly. The running game is shot. Lumsden spends his time standing on the sidelines, and sadly, he doesn't have the stature that Jason Tucker had, and Whitlock is still playing like a back-up RB (and that's being generous). Yes, it's going to be a good ole fashioned slaughter!

Based on the blue screen I'm getting, I assume the game is blacked-out in SK...

Check that, it appears to be TSN HD and TSN2 HD are both screwy... regular programing works fine.

And it starts EARLY! a turnover for the Riders on the Punt and then 3 plays later, TD!! :smiley:

way to go boys! keep it up!


FRAZIER! INT TD!! 15-0 Riders just like that!! :smiley:

This game is over just like Edmonton's season. Oh well. I have a few errands I have to run.

this isn’t looking too good for the Esks! what the hell?

This is gonna be ugly.

I still believe, I'm not giving up until the last whistle... until then Schmoe's all the way baby. :rockin:

just don't destroy any furniture!

Nowacki proving again that he's a solid receiver. Gets my vote for top Canuck. He's about the only bright spot for the esks.

How is that not grounding?

Yah dunno what the refs saw on that one. Looked pretty clear.

TD - Proulx...

YEE HAW!! Durant Big TD RUN!! 22-0!

keep the beating coming!!! :smiley:

Boy.... the Smoe's are hurting

You need to update your sig to include Edmonton and BC

Why, did they send scouts in to diagram the opposition's practice?

Facemask you say… where?

looks like we are starting our second half dissappering act a bit early today. hope we can hold on to this lead.