Eskimos sign two defenders

I don't know... it seems if we're not stealing Saskatchewan defenders, we're signing Montreal castoffs... I certainly hope the two signings work out for us... I'd just rather we find our own talent.

Before DREW had a knee injury he was one of the better Defenders at halfback in the CFL. IN his rookie year Milt Stegeal was impressed and said that kid did a good job covering me.

The Als have other good new corners so it is unknown whether DREW is being slowed by the injury to his knee or the ALS dont need him anymore---

Drew can replace Malveaux off the defense and should make immediate impact---

Brad (Kangaroo) Robinson also needs to be on this defense starting. Standing 5'8 the man has the ability to do the Lambeau Leap at Commonwealth with his kangaroo like vertical. Robinson could jump right into the stands from the field.
Hall needs to start the Kangaroo more, he is the best athlete on the team, they have him returning kicks now, but at Db he is very fast and athletic. He made 2 of the best Interceptions last year vs hamilton and BC that Edmonton has made in years--

Memo to Hall- Please start DREW over malveax and play the Kangaroo also.

Chief it appears very obvious that Machochia is a bad GM---

Right when he took over Edmonton had the likes of Monford, Rashad Jeanty, Don BRADY, Shannon Garret, Malcom Frank--Kelly Witshire--

Since all the players i mentioned retired Machochia has not even scouted 1 good defensive all star type player--

THe whole defense is from other teams-- Most of this defense is from Montreal-- Add 2 more montreal players although DREW IMO if healthy will be edmontons best DB they have, even better than GOSS----

Lenny Williams, Bobby Keyes, Richardson, Peach? Hardly impact players--

Mo Lloyd from SASK free agent, now REggie HUnt--

I dont think Edmonton is even scouting Defensive talent anymore-----

TO make matters worse they traded their best 2 TALENTED players in the off season---

Sadeek Shabbaz was clearly a good player and versatile, and JIM DIRTY DAVIS is starting for CGY and doing well-- But i guess he wasnt good enouhg for our stellar D efense?

This is where Machochai has dropped the ball, not upgrading the talent at all----

At this point we are trying to just fill as many veterans as we can, doesent matter if they cant run or are slow, but it looks like we are hoping that an experienced Defense will win games for us---

I do like the DREW signing, it seems slowly that we are removing the dead beats off defense, we replaced BUHL, now I think Malveaux is going to be replaced also---

I think we can have an effective secondary once Gordon comes back to play safety-- Throw in Kanagaroo robinson and DREW who by the way will be physical and do a lot of shirt grabbing something edmonton Db's rarely do---

I dont know about Hunt, other than he is usually a good player and can cover also---

At least they are replacing the Buhls and Malveazx who have no business starting in a PRO league----

At least we are making changes, all we can ask is for changes to be made and slowly we are changing some players in the Defense-

I also think you can change a large amount of players at this point in the season. CGY changed like 6 players and now they are playing excellent defense--

So IMO the more players who you can replace with better players why not--

I have an idea, the offensive players on our team should wear Edmonton Eskimos jerseys--

The Defensive players should wear Montreal Alouette jerseys? It seems like we like we have their starting D from 2005

I agree... they're at least making an attempt to improve the defence, and I can give them credit for that... but this off-season, I'd like to see them bring in some new defenders instead of just signing other teams' castoffs.

I'm not sure how much gas Reggie Hunt has in the tank, but he could be a good addition for the Esks, as long as you play him at one of the OLB spots. . . I don't think he's as effective as a MLB.

Drew is a solid pickup. Someone in this thread referred to corners (and yes the Als' have two good ones in Eslelle and Sanchez), but Drew never played the corner, he was always a HB.

Now the Als' have two really good rookies at HB in Brown and Parker, another good rookie in Dix able to fill in there as needed, and also Stanford Samuels. . . so I can see Drew being the odd man out. . . he'll be an upgrade over Malveaux.

That's not really saying much... :lol:

Actually, by the sounds of it, he could help improve the defence. but he's listed on the practice roster right now. Hopefully Malveaux will be released to make room for him.

I followed DREW very closely and he is good. He was able to cover the best teams receiver and was doing a good job until he was injured. He was doing well covering GEROY SIMON as he was physical and would grab shirts and bump the db something most Edmonton Db's dont do at all--

He also did well covering Milton Stegeal. Pretty much he was the Alouoettes shut down DB when it was him and CHIP COX as the starting tandem on Db's---

This man was very good, I predicted BUHL getting released and I think they know Malveaux is finished pretty much and want to get more athletic on Defense---

They are getting better, I mean you cant get much worse than they played in the games vs Calgary. So I think you can only see improvement on this defense--
Its obvkious they dont play well as a team, but they did show promise vs Saskatchewan, it remains to see how they play vs BC in the rematch as Jarious torched the Esks secondary last game with all deep passes, it seemed like the Esks D was very slow that day and GEROY simon and Paris Jackson were running 10 yards behind Edmonton Db;s----

Its a good start- They must get a bit younger and faster on Defense, there is a lack of speed, but its getting better every week with the new additions--

Eventually they will find a better lineup as long as the pass rush starts making some sacks. There are hardly and sacks and that has to change, sacks have to be me made to help this team play better-