Eskimos Sign Rider backup Donovan Alexander

Esks figure that this guy still can be a starter huh?

guess they weren't watching the Grey Cup last year..

You need to remember who traded for Alexander to bring him to Saskatchewan in the first place. Looks like Tillman isn't ready to give up.

....i think Tilman is banking on Alexander being a ratio changer....which he is...I don't pretend to know what he shelled out for him but my guess is Donovan didn't come cheap...Will Alexander return to his high level of play ...???Guess Tilman is willing to take that chance :roll:

This time he got him for free. He didn't give up two high picks and Ricky Ray paid for the salary :slight_smile:

Did Alexander play much if at all in the Grey Cup ? Mitchell and Morgan were the starting corners.

Mitchell broke his leg early in the 2010 game, forcing Alexander to start at his spot IIRC.

Man is my memory ever failing at my advanced age.

And I’ll tell you another thing. . .

My memory is really failing at my advanced age.

:lol: :lol:

Me too!

Don't feel so bad, MadJack. I don't even know who this guy is. :lol:

K we all gotta be careful, I know Tillman was excellent in Sask and making some good moves in Edmonton but every move he makes isn't going to be the best one. Don't go think Alexander is going to be the next big thing because the Eric Tillman signed him :cowboy:

Donovan Alexander played DB the last two seasons with Sask. and before that one year with Montreal.

LOL... that was funny...

As you grow old, two things start to 'go'. . . the first one is your memory. . . and. . . . and. . . umm. . . I can't remember what the second one is. . .

[with apologies to those who have seen me post that one before]

Don't worry. If you did, I forgot. :wink:


I thought you were only 21? :o

For the past 20 or so years I have been. :wink: