Eskimos sign RB McCarty to long term pact...

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Perhaps they’ve used up all of their salary budget allocation for Canadian running backs?..

Hopefully, the Esks have used just enough of their budget
so there isn't enough to pay Jesse more than he can make here. :smiley:

We have Harris and McCarty. You guys can keep Lumsden. I hope the Eskimos don't go after him.

Harris and McCarty are just fine, I like what I've seen them do and now that we have a real coach hopefully we can pick up our running game and give Ricky a bit of a break. Let Lumsden prove that he can play a full season of football before a great organization like the eskimos hamstring themselves with a glass back.

I seriously think Lumsden will be in double blue next season.

Why would you want him?

Don’t tell me about this “best RB in the CFL when healthy” stuff. Firstly, he is never healthy for more than 3 games in a row. Secondly, even when he is playoing, the stats just don’t support that position.

The Cats have Keith, who is going to get him playing time for the same reason that Casey got his, even when struggling…$$$$$$$. Then you have Caulley and Smith, both of whom showed alot last year. Casey is a distraction whose “greatness” was a creation of the fans in Tigertown, fans of a poor team who needed a nice “hometown hero” to lead them out of the woods.

In actual fact, this signing pretty well seals it…Its going to be T.O. or maybe a backup at Peg or Hamilton.

In the great world of non-guaranteed contracts of the CFL you can never jump to any conclusions on where FA guys might land.
In my world Casey and Kenton are traded or released, and Jessie re-ups with the Cats.

I do bite that when healthy Lumsden is the best back in the CFL.
With all of his injury troubles he still had over 1300 yards rushing the last 2 seasons and averaged over 7 yards a carry.
I personally do not think that the Cats line was that great at any kind of included.
I feel the RBs numbers were so good because of their talent.
Nice to have a debate over it, but for my money nobody gets my butt out of my seat more than JL.

Personally i would take Caulley over either Kieth or Lumsden Caulley is consistent and Durable Kieth i would trade for something Lumsden let him see who will sign him.. thats all i have to say about that

Guys, Keith, Caulley and Tre Smith aren't being cut or traded. They are three key players who will get the Ticats a lot of wins in 2009.

Printers, on the other hand, better bring his A game to TC, or Obie will show him the door.

I don't know... I might trade Keith for another WR. You guys are stacked at RB, but outside of Rodriguez, you guys really don't have anyone worth a damn at WR...

I don't know about that Earnest Jackson will be good with time
Scott Mitchle is also not bad just need improve his catching..
Chris Bauman Came into own late in year..

I say we need maybe 1 or two more guys at WR

Knight how do you explain Caulleys injury that put him out for the season ???

Finally somebody out here who can disagree without being obnoxious or rude!!!

Barring injury, this would be my guess of the depth chart for the RB position for the 09 Tabbies.

My guess for the "blue team" RB depth chart. Jesse Lumsden, Jamal Lee and Andre Durie. Clifton Dawson as well, when it finally dawns on him he's not an NFL runningback.