Eskimos Sign Quarterback Stefan LeFors

According to a report in today's edition of the Edmonton Sun, the Eskimos have signed quarterback Stefan LeFors to a three year contract.

The Eskimos have made a very significant upgrade to their quarterbacking corps with this signing. LeFors was the number one rating quarterback in NCAA Division 1A in 2004 and he was the third string quarterback for the Carolina Panthers in 2005. He is a very accurate passer with excellent mobility and, at age 25, he is entering his prime football playing years.

Despite the dismal performance by the Eskimos in 2006, quarterback Ricky Ray played well enough to be pencilled in as the starter at the 2007 Eskimos training camp. However, LeFors should provide outstanding competition for the starting position and should at least be the number two quarterback next year. Steven Jyles is likely to be quarterback number three. Jason Johnson could be the odd man out in Edmonton.

From a Ticat perspective, the signing of LeFors by the Edmonton Eskimos probably eliminates any chance of Ticat quarterback Jason Maas returning to the Eskimos for the foreseeable future. In a roundabout way, this may actually give Maas a greater impetus to focus on his job as a Hamilton Tiger-Cat quarterback in 2007.

This signing will most certainly eliminate any possibility of Maas returning to Edmonton. Maybe Jason Johnson will be sent Hamilton's way, he looked pretty good in the little amount of time he had this year.

Why do some teams ,like the ESKS & STAMPS in the independent State of Alberta ,sign good young QB's while the rest of the league wallows in self imposed sleep walking mediocrity? :cowboy:

Warren Moon;Dunnigan;Dickensen;D.Allen;Burris;R.Ray;Maas;J.Garcia

Asleep at the wheel

I don't think LeFors signed for regular CFL 2nd string money and Ray carries a very decent contract. I don't think this new salary cap is going to level any playing field in the foreseeable future.

The salary cap dosnt seem to be slowing down Big Ed and Les Als.

I wouldn't get too excited yet. Virtually every QB we ever bring up to the CFL broke all his college's passing records and once warmed a bench in the NFL. This guy might well be the real thing, but statistically speaking, he's far more likely to join the long, LONG list of promising young QBs who never quite caught on to the nuances of the Canadian game.