eskies sign javy glatt!!!!!!!!!!!! excellent perhaps they may have some sort of defence , was hoping the EE would get him when i saw that b.c. had let him go.......... :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Depth guy at best. If he plays first string for the Eskimos, then you're really weak at LB.

I have to agree, MadJack. Sort of reminds me of Rob Murphy last year. There's usually a reason why when Wally releases a guy.

Do we even have a D coordinator?

Richie Hall said he'd be calling the defence. On the one hand, it'll be nice to finally have a competent DC. On the other, I hope it doesn't stretch him too thin and affect his overall coaching.

In a sense I suppose.

One big difference however. Murphy had been a star; sure wasn't last year, but he had been. Glatt had never been a star. Certainly not in my books anyhow, for whatever that's worth. . . I have just never been impressed by the guy.

Excellent signing for the Esks. A character guy, superlative Canadian depth at minimum. Had two good years starting in middle for Lions. This is a very good addition without having to lose a player via trade. Eskimo fans will love this guy.

Yeah, I definitely wouldn't say Glatt was a star like Murphy (even though I still think Murphy is a toolbag); my point was just that I'm a little wary of signing Wally's castoffs.

Though looking at Glatt's stats, he doesn't look too bad. Who knows, maybe he'll do well in Edmonton. And like someone else said, at least we didn't give up anything for him. :smiley:

It's amazing that our GM is only good for signing guys cut from other teams. At least this time is wasn't a former montreal player, I guess he's learning a tiny bit of diversity.(at this rate we ought to draft somebody decent by 2018) Nothing against Glatt, I think he's a good canadian ball player.

As for Hall being head coach and DC I'm a little worried, Can't do worse than Daley I guess but head coach and OC has never been anything but a mess-guess we'll see how this works.

This is a good signing in my opinion. I like Glatt the only issue is we now have a log jam of good LB's. We have TJ Hill, Mark Restelli, Rod Davis, Tim St Pierre,Mo Lloyd and Glatt. If Hill, Lloyd and Restelli start and Davis St Pierre backup where will Glatt fit in? I think we will see a lot of 3-4 Defense this year which makes the Eric Taylor move more understandable as well.

The only caveat there is that I don't believe Richie Hall has ever run a 3/4 defence, he's always run a 4/3, even when he had a glut of LBs in Saskatchewan.

eskomos had no defence last year mad jack........ at least glatt will bring something to the team .........doesnt hurt that he's canadian .........

Oh I agree dave dude, the fact that he's Canadian makes him attractive as a depth guy. . . but as noted the Esks have a lot of LBs now, so he'll have to earn his spot for sure.

Well, it sounds like Glatt has the right attitude, which is awesome. Hopefully he's able to help out the defence!

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Good stuff and timely Chief considering another post I made with concerns for the Esks defence in remembering all those shootouts we got involved in last year and lost as well do you think he is for pass coverage anywhere 20 yards from scrimmage inside via seam patterns and ins? Against running backs on screens outside or short outs?

Glatt imo is vey good against the RB screens and moves well laterally in space. For a linebacker he gets his hands on the ball very well. He is a hustler and gives good effort. Where he can suffer is against the run if he is on the point of contact. he slipped last year but we mustn’t forget he was the starting MLB for a very good Lions defense for 4 years. But he suffered last season as the Lions changed their defense and teams started to pound the ball and he was a little to light on his feet for that. But he is a Canadian, a ratio buster and again he is good against the passing game. He’ll be a major plus for the Eskimos. A great team guy on and off the field.

absolutely mad jack he wont be just "given" a spot he will have to work for it ...

So you're actually wondering how he will do in practice then??? :lol:

3-4 defense? I think Javy will have something to prove this year. I think he will make a huge impact immediately.

I'd be very surprised if Edmonton was to go to a 3/4 defence this season. . . Richie Hall has been, to my mind, the best defensive coordinator the CFL has seen in many a year (and yes, I rank him ahead of Stubler). . . and while I stand to be corrected, I don't believe he's ever run a 3/4 defence.

So I don't see him doing it this season; and I particuarly don't see him doing it just so as to get an average-to-mediocre LB like Glatt on to the field. I think Glatt was picked up for bench depth/special teams work.