Eskimos Sign FA - Jason Armstead


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Tillman at it again.. but is it a good move? short term benefits?

i've always liked armstead.
good pick-up IMO.
stamps, armstrong, armstead, barnes.

now they can cut campbell.

I dunno about him.

he's had no action this season at all, he's 33.

is this a short term pick up? can you really see him having a decent shot next year?

Since Barnes is out for the season, this looks to be a good replacement move.

With the injuries to Kamau Peterson, Kelly Cambell and Jason Barnes, it doesn`t surprise me to see the eskimos bring in some vets in. It may just be a temporary thing.

I'm thinking the biggest obstacle keeping him from scoring another CFL T.D. will be at the border. How can this guy keep getting back into Canada, when every offseason there are gun, battery, confinement and whatever other charges against him in the States.

Heh I immediately thought of him replacing Tristan Jackson, which made me raise an eyebrow. I suppose we could use him at WR considering all of our injuries. Still not a fan of all his legal troubles, though... And it does seem like he's lost a step.

I wondered...

The guy is a head-case and a mess. Unfortunate to think that he's the best the Esks could come up with.

Now with that said, the way Tristan Jackson was playing it was only a matter of time until the Esks found someone to replace him. At least with Armstead they have a guy who understands the nuances of how the game is played up here.

Unless he's turned some major corners on the personal side, I don't see him as anything more than an end of season quick fix.

Very GOOD points, how does he do it. Maybe it's only one way treatment? We know the American's wouldn't let a Canadian in with his record.

How he does it seems to be he gets arrested but doesn't get convicted for whatever reason. The charges he faced in 2009 were dropped IIRC because his girlfriend didn't want to go forward. I don't know what the deal is with this year's charges.

Remember what Armstead did to the Riders return game last season? He still is the LAST Rider PR to take one to the house...and that was in 2007!!

Armstead TD first touch.
justifies the pick up.


It almost felt like the Riders gave it to him! (ya I know they didn't!!)

they totally seemed to give up.

Guy provides a great spark as soon as he returns to the field. There are more than a few teams who could use an offensive weapon like him.