Eskimos sign Cheatwood

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stupid stupid stupid

If Cheatwood's healthy, I'm surprised Marcel didn't get on the phone and try to get him back in a Tiger-Cats uniform. He was quite a force at one time.

exact reason to my 'stupid stupid stupid' post above. if he's healthy & plays for Edmonton then wow. Marcel is messed & better bring in Rahim Abdullah

Especially considering that apart from McKay-Loescher, your D-line is really nothing to write home about. A proven rush end like Cheatwood would improve your pass-rush by leaps and bounds.

As an Esk/Ticat fan, I'm cautiously optimistic about the signing. All doubts will be proven frivolous once he hits the field. I'm still worried about his knee, but if he IS completely healed, there's no doubt how much he can contribute. This is potentially a great move on behalf of the Empire.

Two Words Washed Up.

washed up? more like 'slowed down' he suffered a serious injury & is working his hardest to get back into the game, I give Tim credit & I hope he remains healthy & puts up some good numbers with Edmonton. 12 sacks in the last two years which I might add have been slowed down by injurys.

I was pleased to hear that Tim is healed enough to make a come-back. I wish him well.

I am surprised that the Ticats didn't look at him if that is the case???

Another name is "James Cotton". As far as I know he still isn't playing anywhere.

Cotton and Cheatwood were standouts who gave 100% all the time.

AND...I'll never forget Cotton playing with that Huge Cast. He may have been a little less effective with it, but nobody would ever question the guy's HEART!

A one legged washed up Cheatwood is better than a two legged Hodges,Wayne and we will see about Keith

Too bad he didn't even have a sack with it on. Little less effective is an understatement.

Keith played pretty well.

Sometimes I really wonder about you..

Cheatwood loved the Ti-Cats and the city of Hamilton and he was thrown to the curb by a GM that sometimes shows he has no clue how to treat people and respect loyalty.

Shame on you for saying that about him!

See I disagree. Marcel has won some and lost some. Thats gonna happen when blowing up the team. Cheatwood was making alot of money and Marcel figured there is no point in paying him if he not going to play until week 9 at the earliest. If we kept him Im sure everyone would be yelling how stupid Marcel is for keeping him.

Why does it always have to be about money though? Its impossible to ever have true loyalty if its always about money. Did they even try to offer him less?

My thinking is that Cheatwood was always a leader and always on the positive side of things even in the horror that was 1-17. I respect Tim VERY much and he fully deserves that respect.

Loyalty deserves loyalty in return.

There no Loyalty in Football
it is a Business 1st.

With Cotton, I figure that if he hasn't been picked up by any time in the league, we're probably not missing out on much.

100percent correct. I dont agree with it but its true. Its a 'what have you done for me lately' business.

Tim was a great player during his team in the black&gold & I assure you that if healthy he'll re-gain his 'allstar' status in this league with Edmonton.

Their other signing Damien Anderson will add up to more than what they get in Cheatwood.

Best of luck to Cheatwood.
He was a really good one here.

Marcel is a complete jack-ass. Getting rid of guys like Cheatwood and Cotton were really stupid moves. And it wasn't like they were making big money. And what Montford? we could most likely sign him for a bag of bannans and a monkey.