Eskimos should hire Chris Jones as their HC.

This guy has shown that he has what it takes to be a great coach in the CFL with the Stampeders.

he has run a very successful defense the last few years as the DC and he knows how to make a team motivated.

IMO, Hiring Jones would be their best move towards becoming a competitive football team again.

Superlative record as a defensive coordinator, no doubt about it.

Does that mean he's head coaching material?

No so sure. . . Don Matthews and Wally Buono stepped up and became great head coaches.

On the other hand, there have been several very good defensive coordinators who have not. . . RIch Stubler, Gary Etcheverry, Richie Hall. . . .

ya but you won't find out unless you try right?

either way they do have permission to talk to him.. so he might jump at the chance if they see it.

Valid. . . but on the other hand Tillman has a track record of hiring FOE (friends of Eric) and since I do not beleive that he and Jones have ever worked together before, that might give others such as Kavis Reed the inside track. .. time will tell.

If we have permission to chat with him, I think we should chat with him.

I think you shouldn’t and we should keep him :wink:

I think that they have received permission to talk to him (and Dickenson and Campbell as well).

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I don't think Edmonton should talk to him. Reeves is their man. He should talk to the Riders :cowboy:

No way, I dibbed him first for the Riders HC like two weeks ago!

If Jones went to Edmonton, the question is: who would be DC under him? Mark Nelson? Someone from outside the org? I don't think it's a great idea to have a HC pulling double-duty as a coordinator, no matter how involved they like to be in offense or defense. In Montreal, Trestman calls the plays, but Milanovich is the OC; same for Barker and Elizondo in Toronto. And Don Matthews had Chris Jones as DC for most of his Montreal tenure.

I'm sure Jones would just hire someone and have him run HIS defense for him.

Who would take the job knowing that he'd be just a drone running Jones's playbook? No self-respecting football man wants to be a cog in the machine. Jones wasn't Matthews's clone; why would he expect his DC to be his clone?

some Head Coaches have a system that they want deployed and they hire coaches who either know the system or are willing to coach it.

they don’t just hire coaches and tell them “go do what you like”

So for you, there's no middle ground between 'do what you like' and 'be my slave,' apparently. :lol:

No kidding a head coach will be involved in whatever side of the game he comes from. But that's a long way from saying he's just going to hire a guy to execute his system like a robot. That's a poor use of personnel. Good head coaches find ways to utilize their assistants' strengths.

well no.

but for Example, Don Matthews ran a certain defensive system. he hands the playbook to the DC and says ok, you're in charge of this scheme, you implement it and find the best guys for it.

when he hires a coach, he doesn't just go hire the best Coach available, he hires the best coach that he believes will work within his system!