Eskimos @ Roughriders

This is why the Als are the best bet for the final playoff spot in the west. The last game of the season against a Rider team that just want to get to the off season. Popp should fire himself if he loses that game.


I just read through this thread and couldn't agree more with the comments above.

First place in the league.
So, time to get rid of the coach and replace the starting quarterback? :roll:

And yes, I was shocked to see such criticism coming from Chief.

Got to agree, not sure what Chief thinks he gains from spelling his name wrong, seems like a pretty childish hate to me. Guess if somebody wants to be immature, you can't try to rationalize. All I can say is, grow up.

Was at the game. Nobody was more stunned to be up 21-3 than the fans in the stands. They made it look so easy too, I think they maybe had 9 plays from scrimmage and bang it's a huge lead. I think in hindsight the decision to give Price the 2nd quarter likely cost them the game. Brett Smith was 6/6 for 133 yards in the 1st quarter, he was really rolling.

I think I've said it before this season, I don't think I've ever seen a defense so incapable of making a tackle than the Rider defense of this year. There's times where an offensive player is going to make a great play and break a tackle, but not every single play. The Eskimo entire offense consisted of throwing a 5 yard flat pass to the sidelines and watch the receiver make 2 guys miss and get 15 yards on the play. They gifted the Eskimos' 2 easy touchdowns in the final 3 minutes of the half just with awful tackling alone. Bowman is a really good receiver, but they gave him an 100 extra yards tonight with incompetence alone. I probably have a comparable 40 time to an O lineman and I'm sure I could make a couple defenders on the Riders miss :lol:

They teach basic fundamental tackling in peewee, maybe these guys should go learn something from the Regina Minor Football teams.

What a disgusting display of professional football from the Rider bench - switching up QBs the way that new coach did - eliminating offensive rhythm , high school coaches don't do that.

Defence is a mess - there was a few bright spots to build from , but overall (a mess )

Good Luck Rider Nation

The unwillingness to tackle on the first Adarius Bowman TD was absolutely telling. Riders really, really need to clean house.

Jesus. So I spelled his name wrong. Guess you guys better string me up. As for being 13-4 and winning 7 straight, I say look at the Denver Broncos, who are 6-0 with 4 road wins. Do you think those games were won by Peyton and the offence? Nooope! It was the defence. Last minute picks, a pick 6, a sack-fumble, and on and on. Sometimes a defence can make an offence look better than it is. And sometimes a WR can make a QB look good (coughBowmancough). There's no question that REILLY (happy?) has had some truly awful games recently, and the Eskimos won because of the defence.

As for my criticisms of Jones, both were accurate. It was a catch, and he should've taken the safety rather than giving Sask instant field position.

But hey, string me up if you disagree.

If you guys want a laugh on the first Bowman TD...

He actually moves out of the way for Bowman, I've never seen that before :lol:

Are you willing to wait until Calgary wins the West final Chief? Very good chance the Stampeders beat the Eskimos at Commonwealth - Let the excuses begin :stuck_out_tongue:

So, you concede first place in the west division to the Eskimos with two games to go for your Stampeders then?

. that's pathetic

I Quoted a very good chance the Western final to be in Edmonton.

I said it before. I think #37 was going for the strip. That may be why buddy moved. Maybe he was anticipating the fumble. Probably not the best decision. What are you gonna do?

Or he was just CHICKEN , cut him!!

The tackling didn't help of course, but the scheme is terrible. It's complete vanilla zone that the opponents every week dissect in the film in half an hour and know exactly where they want to go right out of the gate.

Hollins would have made the tackle but he saw Mertile right there to help out. If you have help, then it's turnover time. That was actually a heads up play by Hollins. Instead he's made to look the fool because Mertile hung his teammate out to dry.

When you hear the adage: 'You gotta trust the guy playing next to you' THIS PLAY is the perfect example. Hollins trusted Mertile and Mertile let him down, NOT due to a mistake, but totally due to apathy, due to not wanting to make contact, due to giving up on a play right in front of his face. How can Mertile ever be trusted by any teammate or coach again?


This was not a brain fart. This was a player being lazy. Zero excuse for this when you're getting a paycheck.