Eskimos @ Roughriders

Doesn't challenge the catch. Punts instead of giving up two (I'm sure the score will be 21-3 in a couple plays). Is Jones even at the game?

Also, if I haven't said it recently, Riley, you suck! Put in Franklin.

Told ya. Thanks for punting, Jones, you dumb...I'll stop there before I have to ban myself.

Ikes who would've predicted this. I mean the Riders will collapse and lose but still

Punts the ball. Doesn't kick the FG. Can we bench the coach? Get your head out of your behind or just leave. The team will play without a coach. Practically playing without one anyway.

I don't think it was a bad tackle on Bowman. I think the guy was going for the strip. Maybe not the best decision.

I guess Riley heard me. Good. 'Bout time he showed up for a game.

Starting to think this rider team Couldn’t win a game with a 42 point handicap. Unbelievable.

Well cheer up - they just took the lead with that latest TD! :smiley:

This Rider team is a complete joke..

reilly does a lot better when he is allowed to get downfield more instead of the constant chip shot passes.

add a couple of dropped passes and an int that was not his fault, and he is doing quite well.

you do realize they are playing with many backups and rookies......doncha?????

Yup. The offseason can't come fast enough.

As good as Riley has played outside of the first quarter, I think a ton of credit also goes to the receivers. Bowman has about 200 yards, and I wouldn't be surprised if the vast majority of that are YAC yards.

Or the Rider secondary is just plain awful. They play the softest zone in the CFL which is ok if they could actually tackle. I can't wait to get rid of Quick and half these dbs in the offseason.

well, that's the type of game the esks coaches seem to want to play.

Dang am I good :lol:

yeah, but did you expect it to happen in the 2nd quarter? I didn't. I did expect a better second half from Edmonton offense.

Ron Lancaster once said.

"Emotion will get you so far, then talent takes over"

It would have been nice to see the Riders win their last home game. Even nicer would be an Eskimo loss.

However, it was treated like a pre-season game. Seeing who can lead and play for the future.

If I was a Riders fan , I would be pissed. There are 2 road games and 2016 pre-season to figure that out.

The fans who paid money, should have been provided the home win effort.

Then again, I am not trying to rebuild a 2 win franchise.

BTW, the fumble by Bagg, killed it when they still had a chance.

Yes I did. I saw lots of missed tackles and blown coverages in the first quarter and I knew it was a matter of time til Edmonton hit the big one.

Hey Chief, you're turning into a Bungle-esque type person more and more every single week this year... Yikes.

And by the way, his name is Mike REILLY, I'm sure you're more educated than what your leading on, as I know other people have corrected you multiple times this season.

It's amazing what he can do with more than 2 and a half seconds in the pocket isn't it? He can make more than one read. Your misaligned hate for our franchise QB is annoying at best. I have my frustrations with him at times but I couldn't name a single QB in the CFL or NFL (except Brady) who doesn't have their struggles from poor O-line play or just bad games every so often.

Stop becoming Bungle and revert back to your former self who was actually analytical, thoughtful and smart towards Football and not just some schmuck mired in half-truths or utter delusion about how Reilly is somehow the problem with the Esks, who by the way are 13-4.... And who have won 7 straight (with Reilly) which is more than Ricky Ray did for us in 2003 (13-5).

I have a question. If the Eskimos win the Grey Cup this year, will you still hate Reilly?

C'mon man... Cheer up, we are the best team in the league this year.