Eskimos @ Roughriders.. Game Thread 09/20/09

GO RIDERS! :slight_smile:

kick their butts!

shoulda be a good one.
the match-up of the week, as far as im concerned

Well I say to keep it interesting in the west, which has been rather lack luster....Go EE!


Anyone else notice the significant improvement in the game calling? Gord Miller is actually giving a detailed description of each play. I hope Rod Black is sitting at home taking notes right now. It's a shame we'll lose Miller to hockey soon.

Bad penalty by SASK!!!! wow, that is not good! three more stops now

I thought bringing in Kevin Strasser was supposed to improve our offence? Who the hell tries to run the ball five times at the goal line? I suppose the fifth time is the charm. Sweet merciful... :roll:

it figures that We'd get 2 penalties on that play....

Well, it worked, didn't it?

Yeah, after the fifth attempt! However, if Saskatchewan isn't offside, it's a turnover on downs. We have one of the best QBs in the league, but do you think we maybe try a throw? Oh, no. Let's run the ball five frickin times! :roll:

Riders are going to lose this one today.. allowing the Esks to take 10 minutes off the clock, and taking penalties like that, its just not going to happen for them today. So much for having the wind in the 1st quarter.

don't quit too quickly..

the game is still having to be played.

Looks like Sambo just guaranteed a Saskatchewan win. :lol: Last time I gave up on the Eskimos, and they made a huge comeback in the second half. Now Sambo's giving up on the Riders. :lol:

Dresslor sure is impressive, hope he sticks with riders his whole career, could be something BIG

That was a pretty impressive Q of football by both teams!!

Sask defence looks slow out there getting picked apart again

Ray is something to watch when he is on fire!

I have to say, Edmonton is doing a lot better on first down. I don't know if it's because of anything Kevin Strasser is doing, or if it's because neither team has any interest in playing defence right now. Either way, I like it, and I hope they continue to play well on first down.

Are you actually an Eskimo fan? 90% of your posts and threads that you create are VERY negative towards the Eskimos. It seems as if you really enjoy running the team's players, staff, and decisions down. I'm not saying you have to be one of those blind "the team can do no wrong" type guys, but jeez you are really pessimistic with your knee-jerk type posts.

Try to balance it out and compliment the team once in a while. :thup:

Try reading the topic before you run your mouth off, k? :wink: