Eskimos Roster - 2011

Players added to the Eskies practice roster; with one more to be announced.

IMP - LB Will Harris
IMP - CB Ladarius Key
IMP - DB Wopamo Osaisai
NIP - WR Youssy Pierre
IMP - LB JC Sherritt
NIP - DL Dale Stevenson

I hope we get off to a good start before going up against Calgary July 23rd at McMahon. After the opener in Regina we have Hamilton followed by B.C. at home; I just hope the Esks are playing well before Toronto comes to town.

With how our receivers are playing, Youssy shouldn't stray too far. :lol:

Why isn't KJ name on the list ?

From my first post made last Sunday the updated practice roster from the Esks website now has LB Will Harris off (REM unsigned) for some unknown reason and OL - Junius Coston added.

I wonder who they will put at the FS position if they do decide to shift T.J. Hill back to his Linebacker spot? And Import WR - Marcus Henry (he was to start in Regina) is now out with a hamstring injury.

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Duval wins kicking gig.

We're screwed...

Sounds like Whitlock won't be playing.

Let's watch our offence in the first half and see how it looks. That will tell me enough.

If our offence is even mediocre without turnovers, we will beat Hamilton who is for the most part awful except for rush defence.

I sure hope the defence watches a lot of film, as a whole lot of play action and misdirection will be needed to beat Hamilton's fierce and quick front seven.

Non Import Players TRF to reserve; WR - Chris Bauman, RB - Pascal Fills, K - Derek Schiavone, Import DL - Almondo Sewell

Surprised, but not heartbroken to see Bauman on the reserve.

Eskies release an Import O-Lineman

Import DB Brian Bonner also released as per CFL transactions page.

I believe Parquet/Bonner were released to make room for; added to the roster OL - Junius Coston and WR - Marcus Henry.

oops made a mistake on the above post; DB David Pittman comes on, OL Coston was already on.

I take it Henry will be in the line-up tomorrow? It'll be interesting to see how he does. I wasn't overly impressed in pre-season.

I would think so, however they had him on the interactive chart for last weeks game in Regina but spent time on the 1 game injured list and didn't play. :?

I am okay with Whitlock not returning too early especially with any rain in the forecast.

But for our linebacking corps, what does it look like now for our core three guys?

IM-LB-Ladarius Key is released and don't know where Brian Bonner is, not on PR but he's hanging around somewhere. With Davis out is going to hurt but I would think Cornell will fill in. Then again they could bring forward T.J Hill up (in a 4-3 D) and put Alexander at Safety. :expressionless: Any way you look at it, LuLay will be testing the Esk's down the Middle and out in the Flat.

As per CFL transactions: Import RB Dan Porter has been transfered to the reserve list. Others are WR's Ray Fisher and Hugo Lopez. Schavone is extended on reserve list and I think he's on the roster for Team Canada. RB Deandra Cobb has been released by Montreal - could end up in Toronto?