Eskimos Returner

Who did you guys like returning kicks on friday, I sure liked Tony Tompkins, I'm surprised they didn't put Bradley back there...i think tompkins and bradley would work great back there together i hope bradley will start though he has more game breaking ability

i thought our returning game sucked. they needed to put bradley back there.. but once again i stand here wondering why they didn't re-sign october if anyone knows plz share

I think it's a great thing they didn't resign october cuz he wasn't that great of a player and was not our next gizmo he just couldn't make the big plays...if you want the gizmo jus twait and see what bradley can do without winston back there

I don't agree that Bradley is the second coming of Gizmo. He will do fine and should be able to give us decent field position while not being a risk to turn over the ball but he just does not present the big play threat.

After watching Tompkins on Friday night I'm not sold on him yet either.
He did enough to get another look I think in game action, but did not lock the job that's for sure.

What about bringing frank cutolo hear from bc to return