Not surprised at all. Edmonton had a typical off week. Now they are back. I'm about as much an Eskimo fan as I am an Argos fan, but the Eskimos are the class of the West. I will honestly be surprised if they don't take the West Division. Congrats Edmonton, you have a great team all around.

Tiger Cats forever!!!!!

thnks:) , hey i think i see MM at the game , i think hes the one i see eating a big plate of crow!!

Did they just say that Maccioca was a "volunteer" coach? And now he is a head coach of a Professional Football team? WOW

Ya he was a volunteer in Montreal

I think i see that too! Wait is that Gades1979 taking a big bite too? Yes! it is! Nice try gades.

WO, WO, WO! Don't get too cocky guys, the Gades were coming back, up until those last minute penalties and those missed field goals were a joke. I thought McClendon did a good job at the beginning but failed to deliver at the end. We're missing a RB... Ron and Elvis have shown signs of light a few times but I don't think we can wait much longer. We're becoming too predictable and that clock needs to be runned down alot more. Jenkins?? I don't know who else but either these guys really step up in the next couple games or things won't work out as well as we want them to. After Hamilton, we'll be heading into VERY tough games. BC, Toronto, Montreal and I don't think we're going to steam roll the Ti-Cats either. That BC game is going to be so huge for the winning team just because as we can all see, the west is extremely tight this year. After those three, we head into a four game series VS western teams. Every yard, every touch of the ball, every point is going to be crucial and we need that RB to make big plays. I hope to see Joseph back on the field soon but this game today in my opinion was an improvement. How about Tompkins??? That kid can run and dangle like crazy haha! I guess that's why he was special teams player of the week and he could possibly repeat it with todays performance. I loved how Wiltshire played and I'm happy Montford got a couple sacks in. Good job Green and Gold! Can't wait to see you guys back at home next week and keep the streak going. And!! I get to test out my new flag pole :lol:. lol. Cya guys.

I agree i thought the gades did very well but are just a little too much over matched as i said before, imo there were some lucky plays by joseph, but hey, you gotta be lucky to be good, and good to be lucky. good game i hope they take the East! Oh but i don't agree with the ti-cat statement, i cant see too much trouble with them. Montford will get his.

Edmonton played very well, but I think their only apparent weakness so far this year is protecting a lead. They should have put Ottawa down for good when they had their first 20 point lead. But then again, maybe the TSN guys were right and teh Esks were slowing down because of the heat.

But Ottawa still had a good second half - you have to give them credit for making a game out of it.

I don't see too much trouble either as long as the Esks don't pull off a game like last weeks. Just can't get too cocky and hopefully Hervey and Sanchez are back for that one. Trevor Gaylor had a great night other than that fumble, he had a couple great catches. One for a TD I believe? And it didn't even look like Sanchez was gone. Man I love the top D in the CFL. later.

Quick question for everyone… I was just looking at the box scores on play by play, and looking at the stats, it said that Ottawa lead in everything. Passing, rushing, total yards, 1st downs. I thought it was just backwards because how could they possibly lead in everything by so much and not have won. But it only has one turnover recorded and that is also under Ottawa, and I didn’t watch much of the game, but I did see a turnover on downs. So now it has to be right. If so, what the hell hapened? Also that makes Ray look less like the Hero of this game because Joseph’s numbers are way better. Did special teams win this game for Edmonton? Not looking for any backlash, I just want to be informed. Thanks.

Go Riders!!

I wasn't paying really close attention to the game tonight, but what was the final word on Ranek. Was he hurt really bad?

…ottawa did have a few impressive drives in the second half that didn’t result in any points and edmonton kinda stalled protecting their lead…so the stats are probably right…

Having watched the game tonight, I think the Esks took it easy after they had the lead. In the second halve they turned to the running game to close out the game and that's how Ottawa got within 8 points.

.........didn't have anything to do with being tired eh?.........nothing to do with humidity?..........just thought you could coast to a win?...........omigod, in the few months we've been on here that is just about the dumbest thing I've ever read...........

I don't think in the 25 years I've been watching the CFL I have ever seen a team finish with (if I'm correct) five penalties for 115 yards the way the Esks did tonight. That's an average of 23 yards per penalty...holy cow!

I don't mean to say that this was the reason the game was so close. I'm only pointing out a very surprising stat.

But as interesting as the game was, every time the camera showed the stands I felt sick to my stomach. I've looked everywhere and can't find an attendance figure, but it's gotta be atrocious. It looks like we're seeing numbers in Ottawa similar to the 2003 Ticats and Argos, and that doesn't exactly make me overly optimistic about the future of the Renegades in Ottawa.

I was so disappointed to see such a small crowd - again - in Ottawa. Come on guys … put butts in the seat. You’ve got a decent team this year. You were on a two-game home winning streak, including a win over Montreal!!! The attendance for tonight, according to, was only 17,606. Yikes … I’m not worried about the long-term viability too much, but I really want to see better numbers than that!

I know Ottawa had two turnovers in that game - one INT and one on downs. And the Esks gave up two big-yardage pass interference calls, which will help the average. I was surprised that there weren’t more penalties. I was at Ottawa’s game in BC, and I saw them kill absolutely any chance they had at a comeback - and they did have a chance - by taking stupid penalties. There was another really bad one today … Sutherland’s I think. Special teams also killed the Gades, although that improved a lot in the 2nd half. Ray frequently had good field position to work with, and of course there was the punt return.

As for the Eskimos “taking their foot off the gas”, a football team should NEVER be doing that. A good team should have more killer instinct than that. You don’t risk playing cat-and-mouse … I think Ottawa just showed up in the second half. Had a couple of bounces gone Ottawa’s way, they could’ve had an excellent chance at tying it up. I don’t think Edmonton could afford to sit back and toy with Ottawa. I think Ottawa started giving them some trouble … they should’ve put the game away.

Ray played well, but nothing spectacular IMO … but both QBs had some beauty passes. Too bad about a couple of things for the Gades - Ranek and Kellet going down. Ottawa had that first-and-goal from the 5 very late in the game (it ended up being their final TD) but Ranek would’ve had it very quickly - as opposed to waiting until 3rd down, when Joseph was scrambling all the way back to the 40 until finding Woodcock at the back of the endzone. And with Kellet, maybe they make those two early FGs, maybe they’re more confident when in FG range (to leave it up to their kicker), maybe they make that onside kick (I still don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those work, though).

Bottom line is, even though Edmonton is a better team, they didn’t destroy Ottawa like they “should have”. Ottawa doesn’t look too bad this year. One thing’s for sure, they’ve got heart … hopefully they can put it together and snag a playoff spot. The fact that they’re 2-3 after playing BC, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton (twice!) is pretty damn good.

Again, easy drop by the Esk receivers. This is disapointing coming from a guy like Tucker, who's supposed to be a top notch receiver.

I was at the game (seasons tix). I found the stats surprising this morning because it took Ottawa a lot of time to get their first first down. I guess the one stat that was not in the paper was time of possession. Our D played a long time in the first half. Lots of two and outs. I was impressed with a few things about the Esks: their special teams dominated us. Their ability to find the open receiver for second down conversions. It wasn't pretty but you have to admire a team that can win ugly. One thing that pissed me off was the number of "injuries" the Esks suffered and the amount of time that each player took being attended to. Obviously a stalling tactic by the Esks (I guess all the teams do it) but it made the game a lot longer than it had to be and killed any momemtum that we could muster (when we were'nt killing our mo with missed passes and stupid play calling).

As for the attendance, the announced crowd was 17 600 (approx) another ten thou to go for a sell-out. It's getting better but I have to say that a win last night would have gone a long way towards improving that figure on Aug 11th. Actually, that game should be alright because all the Rider fans will come out of the woodwork.

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!

I was working and missed the game completeley, but am dissapointed to hear that we took a number of undisciplined penalties yet again. Those are going to start catching up for sure.

I didn't need to see the game to know that they would not shut it down and coast. I would think that RedandWhite is correct, the heat and humidity started to take a toll on the legs. As far as the running game, I have been concerned for some time now. Not only does it make the Esks one dimensional, you need to be able to run the ball to control the clock especially late in the game with a lead.


The Esks sure miss Pringle. Esks are one runningback away from owning the league. I can’t wait for the BC- Edmonton matchup in a couple of weeks. Got my tickets for that one!