Eskimos Release Zabranksy and Peterson

maybe we can take a look at Kamau for some depth at reciever

Zebransky > Porter - Better is better, I hope we can snag him.

i think the bombers might grab him before anyone else can

Better is better, 2 cuts from a team far worse than Hamilton in itself should send a signal that they aren't better. Number 3 behnd Jason Maas should be another signal at QB. Missed 14 games at 32 years young says all there needs to be said at receiver

that logic doesn't exactly hold much water.For the longest time we had the worst team of all, when players left our team as losers, they became legends elsewhere.Now that thing's are turned around i'd like to see Peterson back in black in gold.

OK then better is better. Peterson is old and injured. Porter is flat out better no qualifiers

Stala was old and injured but look what he did with his opportunity.What does it hurt to bring Peterson and/or Zabransky to camp?

Does no harm in Petersons case, he'll fail the physical, but the last thing we need is another QB controversy so bringing in Zabranksy would not be in the best interests of the team. At QB we should be looking at a young QB fresh out of school.

I see your point, and that's where it comes down to Obie being the GM and us being the fans :slight_smile:

No offense to Kamau, but we already have a 32 year old NI receiver, so I don't see the need for a 33 year old to add to that. Not to mention he's not going to beat out Matt Carter so he would be third on the depth chart anyway. Since we already have a veteran in Dave Stala, I'd rather have the third string player be a young guy that we're trying to develop (McKay).

I think K.P could help must like Dave Stalla did when we signed him
He know how to play the Slot and Wide spots and is Vet Canadian who could help

Sounds like were getting desperate for Obie to sign somebody......anybody.....SOS Obie. :oops:

Well it's true, has this not been the most boring off-season in Ticats history?

I think that if we can get him for the right price, Zabransky would be an asset. I want to see the team put a fire underneath Porter, and that if he doesn’t perform, we have a young third stringer who will gladly step up to the plate. That’s also not a shot at Jason Boltus, who I’ve yet to see get much in the way of playing time. Tafralis isn’t with the team anymore and his position needs to be filled. Zabransky I do feel is the better player between him and Porter, but even if you disagree he would make a substitute for Tafralis.

Zabransky has throw 4 TDs and 10 Interceptions in his career...horrible ratio, and Peterson would be on the outside looking in in our recieving core.


Let's see...Two coaches quit three new ones hired or promoted, a new assnt. GM and director of player personell hired, starting RB cut, starting MLB cut, some guy named Cobourne signed, almost entire core of star players resigned or extended... and a new stadium.


Yeah zzz... it all happened inside of a couple weeks (aside from the stadium which was more frustrating and panicking than anything).
When was the last signing (not Re-signing) or trade we've had?
Besides about 2 days in a row, there wasn't much.

I think KP is a great guy and I truly wish him all the best. I'm sad to see him go, but with his age and injury it might just be time for him to hang them up. I'd love to see him be another Stala though.

Agreed. KP is a solid guy. Never understood the hate some had for him. But like Otis, age and contract in a small league means the decision is probably made up for you. Maybe if the Ottawa franchise started up sooner....

According to sources on Twitter, Barker has minimal interest in KP, Buono is going to call KP to talk.