Eskimos release Maas

I'm hoping someone in Edmonton can shed some light on this. I hate being in Ontario. :lol:

ANyway, what's this about? Does Maas actually want to start?

It didn't say anything about him wanting to start - just that he isn't ready to retire.

Translation! Any teams need a career backup?

Maas may be a good pickup_ If the team has an established CFL offense,- Maas floundered under Taaffs amateur O set in Hamilton. IMHO

I'm guessing Toronto or Winnipeg.

Winnipeg - ah no!

...JM's wife and kid are permanently based in Edmonton which is a big part why his head wasn't into playing for eastern teams, so IMO it's either retirement or maybe, maybe, a stint in Riderland...why not? it's close enough to home for him and are you melonheads really convinced that Dinwiddie and Somethingquist (too lazy to look it up) are suitable backups in case DD goes down for a game or two?...JM can play out another year or two holding a clipboard and still be serviceable enough to go in there if called upon..

I was hoping he'd retire an Eskimo. If he doesn't want to start, then why leave Edmonton? Unless he was forced out because Edmonton wants Zabransky to be the new back-up? I'm really curious why he was released...

Even if we get a new QB such as Jackson, if Maas wanted to come east just like in Hamilton we could sign him as a very good backup.

I would have liked to see the esks move him to a qb coaching position. Even maybe like sask did with barret as a player and coach. No one wants to see this. Maybe this was the free up to bring in leak...

That's my impression. Zabransky is already the backup in everything but name. No reason to pay a third-stringer good money. With a veteran like Ray as the starter, Edmonton can afford to have a work in progress (Zabrasnky) as the backup. They don't need Maas. On the other hand, a team like the Lions with an inexperienced starter (Lulay) might want Maas's ability to perform off the bench.

no thanks

I agree that they were likely making room for Zebransky, and I also agree that he would likely be a nice addition in saskatchewan.

Maas could be the first victim of the salary cap considering the signings Edmonton has made this off-season. Maas was making way too much money for holding a clipboard.

I remember when Punch Imlach was coaching the Maple Leafs, he would occasionally start five defencemen to throw off the other team's lineup rotations. If we sign Jackson and Maas, we could just about start 12 quarterbacks!

Yeah, I'm old...I remember 4 Toronto Stanley Cups...but also the Bomber Grey Cups of '58, '59, '61 and '62. :rockin:

I am so greatful that I do not remember a toronto stanley cup win :twisted:

I figured a Lions fan would say that. :slight_smile: But you have to admit that if Jackson leaves BC, you don’t have a lot of QB depth behind Lulay. A veteran like Maas would be good insurance and he likely would be cheap.

please, no maas......

I agree with what you're saying although I think it's a big understatement. Right now the Lions only have 2 QBs on their roster - Lulay and Mike Reilly.

Agreed that BC lacks QB depth, but I'll be surprised if Maas gets signed anywhere in the CFL. My guess is that his career is over, whether he knows or admits that yet.

A guy with his knowledge and excellent attitude would be a great fit in Toronto (as a backup to who ever they start)in my opinion. I believe Ricky Ray will miss him alot.