Eskimos release LB Mobley, DB Brady


…could it be the ol SMS…or could it be that their careers are done…Mobley might still have some game left…Taman get on the phone :lol: :lol:

This is the SMS taking effect. Luckily, Brady won't be much of a loss with all of the talent the Esks picked up in the secondary the past month. I agree with papazoola that Mobley could still have some game left in him. I'd like to thank Mobley for all that he has done in the community of Edmonton since he came here in the mid nineties.

Mobley is what 35 years old, could be all she wrote for him.

they can go play in a old timer flag football league with carl kidd, cliff ivory and pee wee smith.

On one hand, I'm sad to see them go. They've both been excellent Eskimos for many years, both on and off the field. They've won many games with the Eskimos, and 2 Grey Cups.

Having said that, these kinds of cuts were inevitable. The Eskimos needed to get younger on defense, and need to do it under the SMS. I think part of the problem last year was hanging on to too many long in the tooth veterans for sentimental reasons. I wouldn't be surprised to see Shannon Garret and/or Ed Hervey suffer the same fate before the season starts.

i will be very sad if they release ed hervey

I’d miss him too. He’s a great, proud Eskimo, with plenty of leadership abilities. But the hard facts of the matter are that Hervey turns 34 this May. He hasn’t had a 1,000 yard season since 2003. And, he’s only had two 1,000 yard seasons in the 8 years he’s played for the Eskimos. As fast as he may be on paper, those aren’t great numbers. Part of the problem keeping his numbers down is his frequent injuries. He’s only played a full 18 game season ONCE in his 8 year career. Now that he’s nearly 34 years old, I don’t expect his injury frequency will decrease. Combine all this with the fact that I believe the last contract he signed with the Eskimos was quite a large one, and the Eskimos may try to find a younger, faster, healther, and cheaper player to take his place, and fit easier under the SMS.

Yes, it is time to replace the old guys with youngin's for sure. Brady was gone last year and they brought him back so that one is expected. Hervey looks slow last year from my point of view lost a step. Sad to see it happen but it is time for recycling. Garrett had his game rejuvinated by our little Niky's comments but Larry I think you are right on that one as well.

Yes, like everyone has said no real surprises in these latest cuts.
No doubt due to combination of age and wanting to get younger plus hey the team missed the playoffs after all those years and the D particularily the DB's were weak. And who can forget the last second TD by Milt?

Exactly what the noon hour sports called it..."Victims of the salary cap".

In all fairness to the DBs, poor coaching was as much to blame for that play. Mobley is a bit of a shocker, I believe whoever signs him will get 2 or 3 good years from him.

I was a bit surprised by Mobely as I feel he has a couple years left in the tank but this kind of cleaning house has been a while coming and the salary cap seems to be forcing everyone to change the way they build their team.

The free agency period will now be what it is supposed to be, an opportunity to improve your team but not build one

In all honesty these two guys would help the stamps pass defence immensly. But I guess when you spend all your cap money on receivers who needs a defence.