Eskimos release five players

What do you guys think?

Malveaux I'm not real broken up about. I am a little surprised about Bradley Robinson. Don't really know Herron and Haywood that well.

The Edmonton Eskimos have released five players inlcuding import defensive backs Kelly Malveaux, Lamar Herron and Bradley Robinson, import defensive tackle Jerome Haywood and import offensive lineman Garrick Jones.

Its really too bad I liked both Malveaux and Haywood I thought both played well enough last year to merit a TC slot.

Malveaux is a ten-year CFL veteran, Malveaux played 16 games (15 starts) for the green and gold last season. He accumulated 50 defensive tackles, three special teams tackles, four pass knock downs, two interceptions, one forced fumble, one fumble return and one tackle for a loss. Kelly started in the West Semi-Final where he recorded three defensive tackles, one special teams tackle and one forced fumble. While not allstar numbers not bad and definitely worth an invite.

Haywood joined the Eskimos in late September of last year to fill in a void left by an injured Dario Romero. The eight-year veteran started in the last five games of the season registering seven defensive tackles, two quarterback sacks, one pass knockdown, and one tackle for loss. He also started in the West Semi-Final where he has three defensive tackles and one quarterback sack. I remember hearing from an O-lineman I think Kabongo 2 years ago when he was at guard was asked who was the D-lineman he most hated playing against and his choice was Haywood because of his strength his motor and lastly his Low center of Gravity. Defintely he played well enough for a shot in my opinion.

Herron as a rookie was a very versatile player who showed poise and I think should have been kept around to back up Hill at SAM or CB.

Over 15 games in two seasons Robinson accumulated 19 defensive tackles, one special teams tackles four interceptions, two pass knockdowns and one tackle for a loss. B-Rob while a very talented individual just cannot stay healthy so I expect his football career is done.

I would have cut Marlbrough, DB L. Williams who I like but also can't stay healthy, LB R. Hunt, DT X. Jackson, S Richardson
over Malveaux and Haywood.

This is an interesting article on the cuts. It sounds like Malveaux and Garrick were salary cuts.

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