The Edmonton Eskimos have released veteran import defensive back Anthony Malbrough. 

Malbrough recorded one defensive tackle and two special teams tackles in five games last season, also making an appearance in in the Western Semi-Final.

''Anthony was under contract and we fully expected him to attend training camp,'' Eskimos general manager Danny Maciocia said in a statement. ''He wanted to renegotiate and we were unable to agree on terms.  Anthony asked for his release and the the club has granted him that.''    

Prior to signing with the Eskimos, Malbrough played for Calgary, Ottawa, and Winnipeg


I think he worth a Pickup

anyone Else thoughts

He seems like a jabroni to me.If he's willing to come cheap and have to fight for a job then sure.

He is obviously not willing to come cheap since he asked for his release after a failed renegotiation.

He an upgrade IMO over any Rookie Just stating out in the CFL.

I am sometimes not sure about these players that are relatively unknown asking for an increase. It confuses me in that he wants more money so mid contract asks for more when given the anwser no asks to be released. Now he is likely out of work for good in the CFL as he really is a dime a dozen guy. Even at this point if he does sign somewhere its likely for less then he we making especially at this time of year when there is still so many guys available and more coming available in the coming weeks. I guess my belief is some money is better then no money. The time to renegogiate is once your contract is up not in the middle. I believe the same should be for the team to no asking players for cuts in the middle. It goes both ways you sign a deal stick to it and contracts are short enough in the CFL that you can wait it out for your raise or decrease

This is common Practice in Pro Sports now Adawg
The CFL Is just behind the Times when comes to this .
There players in NFL that hold out all the Time.
Chis Johnson at 2000 yard season in the NFL But makes 500,000
He wants to be paid as Top Back in the NFL

Malbrough and Edmonton just Save the Time of a Hold out
Get use to people wanting more money
Time are tough you have ask or you never get

Difference is Chris Johnson or Malbrough NFL and CFL there is a ton of players out there who can step in any day of the week and fill Malbroughs shoes Chris Johnson not so much. There is huge leverage for an elite player or even a mediocre player in that there is 30 teams with a lot more money and room to sign a player. Even then he will likely find work somewhere if he is granted his release. CFL team has 4.2 million to work with over an entire team and salaries for a fringe player like this Malbrough won't be renegioated. Really there is likely only 2 or 3 players on each team in the CFL that could get more money mid contract. Owners know it in the CFL that there is 8 teams to work with that if they let you go your gonna have to play in even a lower league. Guys hold out in the NFL NHL MBA MLB because they can do I think its a good thing no, but its supply and demand. To me its stupid to even this practice in the CFL how often has anyone seen it work.

Yes but good Vet Players in CFL are hard to Find
You can find Raw Talent and Coach them up to be All-stars
I like Vetsl Less Mistakes Since they know the game inside and out.
They say for Every Rookie on a Roster you get 1 Loss.
Here is a Story from Winnipeg when Malbrough was on there roster.

[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Players who know the CFL Game
we done pretty well with Since Obie took over.
Floyd is one player who alot people said was past his Prime.
He Proved to BC last year he has Gas in The Tank left.
Malbrough Could be a Nice starter or Vet Backup
If He is at a Good Price on a 1 year plus option deal.

And his good price will likely be less then he was making in Edmonton. That is all i am saying holding out and then asking for your release rarely works in the CFL simply for supply and demand. Outside the 1 to 3 big names there is likely at this point in time 1 or 2 teams who may want to look at your services. Even then most teams are cutting down to get to the 68 for camp. At this point there is a lot of players available and will be even more in the coming few weeks with cuts. It makes no sense to ask for your release in this league. You aren't hurting anyone but yourself.

The team is set at DB. Let Obie be the GM as he is the one with the title and paycheck.

You guys should be worried about cheering the team on as that is your job as fans.