Eskimos release Dario Romero

Very very good description of a DT. This scheme is used a lot in the NFL also but it's pretty much a full time job in the CFL.

I would equate a DT to anti-aircraft fire. It's meant to harass as much as kill.

Regardless of whatever we each think Bolden is/was the #1 DT just as Glenn is the #1 QB or Bruce the #1 WR/SB. Kirk is good also but in 3 man lines he as a NI came out and Bolden stayed in. He may not get near the QB as much as you like but he is great at holding up 2 interior OL on a regular basis. Thats his job in the Marshall D and any CFL D pretty much.

Most QB's can outrun any DT so it's better he hold up the blockers to free up the much faster LB's and DE's. At 290 he is the only real huge guy on the DL the last couple years. Kirk and Reid are better at penetrating the line but Bolden was much better at holding up blockers.

Being a dedicated fan like you are it's easy to sometimes get a false impression of a player out of simple fan frustration. Happens to me and I am sure most of us here also. I consider Bolden a worthy player at his position. If someone better comes along in camp this year and will play for the same or less money then fine. I just felt it was unfair to call for his head to sign a player at least 7-8 years older that will cost a lot more. Bolden is more the under the radar type of player and guys like that are good for the team and the cap at the same time. Good enough to be the teams #1 DT but not near a big enough name to ask for or demand much money.

Point well taken, another example of why i'm not GM :lol:
But what I was thinking was it would be cool to have a Keron Williams type guy, no?

8) For what it's worth, Saskatchewan has signed Romero for $80,000 per year, for 2 year contract !!!

This is a good thing in a way, with all the "incestual" back and forth going on between Taman and Tillman, you guys have two teams to cheer for :smiley: