Eskimos release Dario Romero

Would rather have this guy at tackle then Adriano Belli.

I know he is an import but he is a stud in the middle.

Brings a winning attitude from his Alouette days.


Belli is an NI that's the whole point.

although it would be great to snag Romero, it will mess up our ratio, we need to find a NI tackle, and i would rather it not me Belli, hopfully Steele steps up in training camp and can play with Kirk

Release Bolden and bring him in.Be a mean combo, Romero and Gibbs as the rotating imports.

Do we seriously have to want to sign EVERY player that's cut by another team?

Romero was hurt part of last year and only had 24 tackles and 1 sack. Let's throw tonnes of money his way :roll:

I agree 100%. The old lets sign every single reject attitude is getting old.

Please tell me you're joking. Release a player still very much in his prime for one that is starting to get too old to play.

Oh yeah.. great plan.

Don't cloud the issue with facts, Zen. Bolden had better numbers, but let's go with the big name guy who will want more money just because.


Bolden sucks, he's a big part of the reason that our secondary has to cover for like 25 seconds before anyone get's a hand near the opposing QB.We need a better IMP DT and we need N/I DT depth.A new DE for the rotation wouldn't hurt either.If we don't get anyone, i'd much rather start Gibbs over him.He played very aggressive and although the stats don't show it, he was in the QB's face often

I disagree with the comment " Bolden Sucks". I believe Bolden played hot and cold last. I like the enthuasitc play Gibbs brings. I hope Obie finds another Rush End to compliment Stevie Baggs and a NI that can play in the middle and stop the run and provide effective pressure when required. If I read the current situation regarding Bellie - I beleive the Cats will take a pass and someone younger - cheaper.

Was anyone else under the impression that Romero was a NI all these years? :?

Hey, Montreal has a pretty good runningback on their roster right now that might not make their team. If they cut him at the end of TC, we should take a serious look at him. :wink:

Guys like Romero and Belli are making big money...the Cats have a salary cap to worry about. Sometimes it's better to go younger and cheaper.

They may have been making big money, but they are making donuts right now.

Bolden certainly doesn't suck. Are you one of those people that expect DE like stats from a DT? 39 tackles and 2 sacks last year for Bolden is a decent year for a DT. The most sacks I can ever remember any Ticat DT ever getting was 8 for Darrel Adams in 2008.

Just look at all the DT's stats in the NFl and CFL. They are all in single digits.

If you expect a DT to get a lot of sacks then you're just setting yourself up to be disappointed and don't seem to understand the position.

Why do you insist on posting logical, fact-based arguments on this site? Sheesh your kind isn't welcomed around here. :lol:

HEHE :slight_smile:

Did I say a good DT needs to get sacks or he sucks?No.I said Bolden hardly if ever get's pressure on the QB and is a big reason that our secondary has to hang on for forever and a day.We need a guy that can shove the OL back and get to the QB in a hurry, whether he sacks him, rushes the throw or forces him out of the pocket doesn't matter.Pressure starts from the interior and Bolden creates little to none, thus he sucks.

Depends on the scheme too. Often in the CFL a DT's role is to draw a double-team from the O-line to create openings for other defenders.