Eskimo's Release Boyd

Released from his second team now, maybe it is him.

Not sure it was him, as much as it was a crowded backfield in Edmonton. Not having a well run running game didn't help either.

They did not coordinate the PT for the RBs very well when they had them. With Messam now back and game ready they have no need for boyd.
Does he still get paid even though he was released ? I know that guys get paid depending on their years of service and number of games they were on a roster
Funny as it may seem but the Calgary stamps could possibily sign him. getting closer to the playoffs rookie Matt Walter has been the game day back up for Cornish but they still had coker inactive each week in case Cornish were to miss a game. With the playoffs so close I do not think that Calgary would want to rely on rookie Matt Walter to start a game if for some reason Cornish could not go.
He would most likely asume the role that coker had and be inaxtive for each game unless they decide to do like I though the esks would do with him and allow him to return Kick Offs.

Montreal could be a possibility. I guess it depends how long bratton will be out.

This is what I thought as well would have been nice to see if they could have done kinda trade that would have brought McPherson to the Esks.

What does Bratton-WR- return or not has anything to do with Boyd-RB- signing in Montreal?

No way Montreal signs him,unless RBs Victor Anderson and Chris Jennings are injured next game and out for rest of season.

I never understood why the Eskimos signed him. He should remain unemployed,unless a Team loses a RB because of injuries.


Somebody will pick him up.

Bratton is apparently going to be back for the game against the Argos. Plus Bratton is a receiver.

Whitaker who was the main RB is out the rest of the season. Victor Anderson has been the RB since Whitaker went down and the Als brought back Jennings to be his back up.

I believe injuries to Bertrand/McCarty had something to do with the signing of Boyd. Then shortly after that, Messam headed back to Edmonton; passed his medical/plus a new contract. McCarty is ready/due to come back [cap $$$ issues?, thus Boyd is released]. I wish Cory all the best on what follows for his football career.

If he gets paid it hits the salary cap, which would defeat the purpose; the rules for veteran release/salary guarantee dates are:

vet years salary guaranteed AFTER game #
6+ 9
5 10
4 11
1-3 14 (medical benefits only, no salary)

As this is only Boyd's 3rd season - he gets no salary for the remainder of the season.

Maybe Boyd will end up in Ottawa after taking a year off?

wish I knew the whole story re argos and boyd. If bridges havent been burned and kackert is still to be out for a number of games, they sure could use him if both parties were willing.

Alex Brink… just saying :cowboy:

Thank you. They really had no choice then as they have about 1- guys on the regular IR plus new D linrman just signed to replace the much injured DLineman. No sense in keeping a guy who is not going to play at all. Mcarty is coming back to fill the FB/TE slot and I see that Bertrand has moved onto the regular IR from the 9 game and recently aquired FB Darcy brown is on the IR now also

?? No way Als are trading McPherson now for Boyd. McPherson is the backup for AC.
He is F/A at season's end.

I wasn't thinking a one for one swap but more of a package deal better to get something for him now then nothing in the off season

Maybe, but now that Buck may not return the bombers will want to hold onto him.

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Chamblin is supposedly interested in Boyd

If Chanblain wants him and there is room under the cap then he will most likely be a Rider. He would most likely have to be able to return Kick offs but I do not see any reason why he could not do that effectively. Brandon west did a nice job and is a good RB but boyd is just better. Boyd will also have fresh legs like West does as he has barely played since he signed with Edmonton. Im sure by this point of the season that Sheets would have to be a little worn down. When Sanders became healthy after a few games they began working him into the RB position for Sheets as a change up back and it was working well.
He was the leading rusher in the CFL when Toronto released him and with more traditional system run by the Riders Boyd would easily fit right in and most likley thrive behind that offensive line and leave the Riders with no drop at the RB position if Boyd were to step in a few series a game to keep sheets fresh. You know after what Boyd has gone through he would have to be excited to get onto the field and play again even as a kick off returner and back up to Sheets.

Not a chance. Import RB’s are a dime a dozen, they’ll be able to get someone younger and cheaper easily.

I don’t know where some of the stuff on here was coming from. Edmonton had too many RBs and everybody else knew it, nobody was going to trade anything for Boyd. Let alone a QB. McPherson? Seriously? Get real. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe someone signs him if they find they need to plug an injury hole or they’re unhappy with their current back, but not many teams come to mind.