Eskimos release Bertrand?

The Edmonton Eskimos have released non-import fullback Mathieu Bertrand, maybe the Ti-Cats should take a look at Bertrand considering he is a veteran Canadian Full-Back and a good receiver out of the backfield. I know we are pretty good at FB with Brown and certainly have depth at HB but adding Bertrand could be good insurance with another good canadian player? I'm sure Montreal will probably take a shot at Bertrand since he is from the Quebec area. What do Cat fans think, would Bertrand fit into
the Ti-Cats for 2013 and beyond?

If you are referring to Darcy Brown he is long gone ... traded him and his huge ego to Edmonton last summer.

interesting question. Don't seem to have anyone presently listed as FB on the roster, is there anyone on the horizon we are considering for this position?

Bertrand is old (been around the league a good long time now) and has had injury trouble, if I remember correctly. If the Ticats want a fullback, they can draft a younger, cheaper, healthier one in a late round of the draft.

They have Stephenson listed at RB, and while he was Walker's backup the first half of the year, he actually played FB/TE most of the year.

Stephenson has the perfect weight (228 lbs) to allow him to play RB, FB or TE. You can be sure that he will always see more of a FB/TE role but it would be interesting to see him start at RB in a pinch. He certainly accumulated a lot of yards as a rusher at U of Windsor.

While I don't see him ever getting the nod to start at runnigback, I would definitely like to see him used as a fullback more often, taking up a position in the backfield and occasionally getting the ball instead of always giving it to the runningback. In the game he took over from Chevy, he only got the ball twice, but did ok with it both times. But I'd also like to see him get sent upfield more as well. He seems to have good hands, and decent speed, especially against a linebacker.

You're right, the guy is versatile.

At this point, he’s more of a Special Teams guy who might fill in at FB occasionally. For that, they’ll go younger and cheaper.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't know what team you were watching in 2012 but the reality is that Stephenson was starting to be integrated into the O more in the latter part of the season. He scored 2 TD's for goodness sake.

Younger and cheaper??? He is 27 and was just resigned. Austin has seen what he can bring on O along with his great ST skills.

Whatever happened to people putting thought and facts into posts?

Bertrand could be a solid upgrade in an area of need - as I see it CDN rb depth and more importantly DE is your area of weakness

Stephenson is decent - but he is not to my knowledge a great blocker - or am I underestimating him based on lack of exposure to him?