Eskimos Release Bauman

8) The Eskimos announced yesterday that they have released 3 players, including former TiCat, Chris Bauman :oops:

Loads of talent, not sure what the problem is. :?

Lack of talent. :wink:


Ah.... sweet harmony. :smiley:

Ok guys, enough is enough, please! Ah I guess not really going after a ball hard and all that might be what could be referred to as "talent" as well in the receiver position. I get it. :o :wink:

I shouldn't slag the guy. Of course he has football talent. Fact is, the jump form CIS to CFL is a big one, and not everyone can make it.

Chris Bauman did. He may not have lived up to some high expectations, but he's been in the league 5 years, most of that time as a starter, and is liklely not finished yet.

Good luck to Chris.

Tillman clearing cash and making room for Fantuz, Rottier and Labatte.

well and nicely said. I agree.

The guy sucked...
Why do we have to put it nicely, he was horrible in Hamilton and I have no clue why Edmonton paid him all that cash.

8) Signing Bauman to that big free agent contract was indeed one of Tillman's rare screwups !!
   I guess Tillman thought that a change of scenery, and a fresh start, would be enough to get Bauman back on track,
    and become the kind of receiver that everyone thought he could be !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

    Don't be surprised if Tillman brings Bauman back, but with a much reduced contract this time around.

No reason, other than to be of generous spirit.

How about his one?

Cortez brings him in for a looksee, then goes along and teaches him how to play.

The kid may have the talent; he just may not know the idiosyncrasies of the game - the pass route, how to get open, how to concentrate so you don't drop the pass if it is in your hands... etc.
Just my 2 cents worth...

I remember seeing Bauman at Ti-cat practices and he looked plain lackadaisical out on the field. Almost like his head was in a different place and he didn't really want to be there. He seems to have some talent but might not have the work ethic or desire to improve. From what I observed and read I believe that Prechae Rodriguez had the same sort of issues.

I think there's something to that.To me, that's exactly how they appeared to play games as well.

Go to the TSN game archive and watch Bakari Grant and notice how many key blocks he made on some of the big plays by Thigpen and others. Now that's a football player.

Now that Jason Barnes has been released; a pitch for Fantuz "COULD" be on the Esks radar, however Rottier would be a great signing too. I think Winnipeg has a decent offer on the table for Labatte to stay in Blue and Gold.

Every team but Montreal is going to have a nice offer for Labatte I think. IMO he's the MVP for this year's free agency.

they released Barnes aswell?
tillman is really clearing cap-space.
i wonder what he has in mind? is fantuz really worth all these sacrifices in talent?

....Unless he's looking to buy a house in your town, like he currently is in Wpg. ..I doubt he goes anywhere..Mack says he's close to re-signing :wink:

It don't mean a thing until the player signs the paper....just ask Ricky Foley