Eskimos' Record


Ok, these guys just got thrashed by the Bombers and you think they can go at least 14-4??

Then we went out the next game and beat the supposed second(or first?-montreal) best team in the league, with the unstoppable passing offence :roll: , and top notch secondary. Just shows how quick things can change in the CFl and how unexpected things happen all the time.

I choose 8-10

I'd guess 10-8 or 11-7. Similar to last year, anyways.

soon you will all recognize the error of your ways... spelled apocalypse wrong...

...when the eskimo forum mod, supertoe, asked if we other mods could look out over his domain for a bit while he was on extended leave he didn't say anything about monitoring threads for complete insanity....

i predict 6-12, they're slightly better than last years bombers but not by much

I'd go with 11-7 as well. I didn't know Rickey Williams was sharing his stash with Weirdo87.

you will be 2 - 3 after the Bombers get done with you again.

Good to see you again baron.