Eskimos/Ray vs Hamilton/Maas

Okay, I know the a team's success is not all entirely on the QB but Hamilton coming off a huge win and Edmonton in Last place in the West I ask . . .

Will Maas lead the Tiger-cats to victory?

I think they have it in them. Well, I hope they have it in them.

Hamilton will be faced with a tough, hungry Eskimo home team and will have to play a close to perfect game in order to win.

I think they'll play Edmonton close, but I think the Eskimo's will win.

Even if the Cats pull off the upset, I'd still say Ray is the better QB.

Should be an interesting day, and fortunately it's on Sunday, and I don't have anything planned. :smiley:

Ray is the better QB but this game will be a bit tainted to compare with out Tucker being in the line up.

Mass had the eskimoes number last year, this year i believe that the Eskimos win a close one 30-27

I don't think the Eskies can lose three in a row...can they? I picked the Eskies in a close one.

...they did last year Sporty, three in a row after their bye week....I don't see that happening again, especially two at home...Danny will probably play the 'us against the world' card with AJ's suspension and the ejections last week....and as much as Hamilton is on a high right now I'll need to see more to be convinced they have exercised all their growing demons....Edmonton by a TD....

Well they didn’t make the playoffs for the first time in a bajillion years last year, so I suppose anything is possible!

My bold prediction is that Danny Maciocia will not make it through the rest of the season as Eskimos head coach. I know, so very bold of me!

  • paul

Actually I think Disco Danny might be feeling more heat than we read about.

Jason Maas played well in Edmonton Last season and i beleive its because he is with his family so i would expect another good game by him

part of the reason for him having a good game will be PLAY ACTION…with Aj Gass and Shannon Garrett out Jesse Lumsden will play well and then They will key up on the run so when the play action comes…there should be some open recievers :smiley:

This game will either go one of two ways. A tight game with the winner decided in the last few minutes. Or it will be a complete blow-out by Hamilton.

Ricky Ray, will have his usual, high precentage pass plays, with a high number of interceptions and lose the game.

Where as Maas, when be scrambling for his life most of the game. However, Edmonton may be so focussed on Lumsden, they will miss the pass attack.

I was reading an article the other day about Robert Brown screaming at the defence about their poor play so far. Hopefully that lights a fire under a few asses. :smiley:

hamilton by 1 million points..haha