Eskimos prepare for Maas ?

Gee, after reading this article from the Ticats news page this morning, you have to wonder if Coach Maccioca will tell his defense not to blitz Maas..... :lol:

I'm joking of course... :wink:

Here's the article:

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Sounds like someone has a "man crush" on Maas.

Reminds me of Madden's "man crush" on Brett Favre

They call Maas quirky, but this has to be one of the most bizarre quotes I've heard from a head coach this year:

"I miss him. I care for him. I love him a lot," Maciocia said Tuesday. " I try to talk to him only once a week. There's days where I think about him. I want to call and then I tell myself, 'No, I just talked to him yesterday. Just don't bother him.' "
Until now, it's only been Pinball who feels compelled to use the word "love" whenever he utters more than two sentences about one of his players.

Gee...maybe they want him back, after all he still has his house and family in Edmonton! :roll:

I wonder if this means they'll instruct AJ Gass not to try to deliberately injure our QB this year?

I say we ship Maas back to edmonton so he can be with his loving coach!

If they pine for him, let's send him back!!!

Did the 'Cats keep the receipt? Do the Esks require the original packaging (I'm sure Jason kept his ol' uniform)?

If we can't get a refund, how 'bout an exchange? Say, Ricky Ray?!

Yes, we'll take Maas back, and you can have Ricky Ray... but you need to take Maciocia as well!!!!

Pinball would say we want you to know that you are still family ,we’re just trading you /cutting you/sitting you out for R.Williams ,we love you…

send maas back to edmonton!!!!

I thought it was his wife and kids he missed but thier seems to be a love triangle he he left behind in Edmonton. Not that there is anything wrong with that. :wink:

the way all you fans are talking i wouldnt be surprised if he booked it back. I do not want him to go i hope he stays he is our starting QB for now and for the future. You all wait until we get a proper coaching staff. He will succeed all the way to T.O for the grey cup baby!!! Go Jason Go!!

Why dont you guys grow up ??? He went through alot with Maas including a GREY CUP !!!!! Maybe our coach should try to develop a relationship with our QB and get to know him and see what makes him tick .

And why your at it Lancaster why dont you try and get him some real recievers like Hervey , Mitchell ect and maybe he will find somebody open .

That would certainly be ideal, if the QB felt he could confide in his own head coach, and the head coach felt he had something to contribute to help the QB. If memory serves, I think Lancaster has a bit more experience to draw on - including as a CFL QB - than Maciocia. But then, so did Paopao.

Well it sure as hell isnt showing is it EXPAT . You would certainly think the man would have a lot to offer rather than rip him in the paper !!!!

You would certainly think the man would have a lot to offer rather than rip him in the paper !!!!
In Coach Lancaster's defence here, let's not dismiss the fact that Coach Maccioca is hounding Jason Maas by phone.... apparantly talking to him about coming back and messing with his head about how much he loves him and misses him.......maybe that should stop?

Maccioca is off-side here I think and should leave Jason alone so he can develp a good relationship with the Tiger-Cats coaches....(I won't mention the words "meddling" or "tampering")

Maccioca is a friend of his and is not trying to mess with him . He`s supportive of him and knows his ability and what he brought to his Grey Cup team last season . Danny is a first class coach and person .

Oh really?....well, you must have missed the last few sentences of the article.....

take a peek:

[i]"We're going to be together again. Whether I coach him again or we coach together, that's going to happen.

"It's funny, because probably every second or third conversation, that comes up, so I know it's going to happen."[/i]

Habman, if this isn't tampering, I don't know what is.....Jason is being paid to focus on being a Tiger-Cat and not spend his time being messed up emotionally by a rival coach and being convinced he doesn't want to be here.........perhaps this has been part of the problem all along......Maccioca meddling!.....The CFL should stop this in it's tracks as this is a slap in the face to the Ticats coaches and management my opinion....

(and who is Maccioca to say that Jason will be fine if he gets support around him? (it's in the article).....what exactly do they talk about anyhow?).....this is concerning....

Ron’s “we have no passing game” comment bring that remark, habman?

That simple direct truthful comment hardly counts as “ripping” Jason in the paper.

The passing game is the responsibility of the whole Offence anyway