Eskimos’ practice melee out of WWE

From the Edmonton Journal:

EDMONTON — When Xavie Jackson grabbed a shovel in a fit of rage on Thursday the defensive lineman may just have buried his career with the Edmonton Eskimos.

After a fight, in which starting centre Aaron Fiacconi fed the practice-roster player a few right hands, Jackson stormed off the Clarke Park field.

Visibly angry and annoyed, likely because no one broke up the melee or came to his defence, Jackson grabbed a shovel, located near two large garbage bins to the west of the facility and headed back toward the field.

Head trainer T.D. Forss, about to tend to Jackson’s medical needs, then encountered the upset Vallejo, Calif., native. Defensive co-ordinator Jim Daley then joined in, as did general manager Danny Maciocia and head coach Richie Hall as they attempted to calm the six-foot-four, 280-pounder down in a scene right out of WWE. Only the folding chair was replaced by a shovel.

“I saw his shirt come off, or he took his shirt off, and then I saw him go to the sideline. That’s about all I saw,? said Hall. “I was kinda surprised.

“My take on it? To some degree, I’m disappointed because we are a football team and our opposition is the other teams, not ourselves. But at the same time I do understand, like in a family, sometimes things don’t go as smoothly as we want.

“I will address it with those guys and we’ll take care of matters.?

Both players are likely to have a sit down with administration. Jackson immediately returned to the locker-room with Forss. Fiacconi was not made available to media after practice.

“Am I concerned about it? I don’t think it’s an issue, but it’s something you have to address just because it’s something that happened. ... Those things are going to happen, but we can’t allow them to be a distraction for our football team,? said Hall.

Fights are nothing new on the gridiron, but Jackson’s rage went overboard.

“He was back there, he was frustrated and caught up in emotion,? said Hall. “It was a situation that happened, it will be dealt with and it’s over.?

Players had their own take on it, choosing not to dwell on the episode as they prepare for Saturday afternoon’s game against Saskatchewan.

“I don’t know. It happens all the time. You guys saw it. It happens,? said defensive lineman Dario Romero.

“It’s like a family, growing up with older brothers, younger brothers; there’s always going to be fights,? said linebacker Maurice Lloyd.

“What happens between these white lines, stays between the white lines. There are going to be emotions on the field. If you come on this field without emotion, you’re playing the wrong sport.

“It’s over with, we move on and look forward. I’m just glad the coaches became involved, did what had to be done and now we get ready for this game on Saturday.?

You know, I understand having dust ups in training camp and in practice... but when a guy grabs a shovel and heads back to the field... I'll be surprised if this guy isn't released.

... I was wondering why I didn't recognize this guy's name. He's on the practice roster. Yeah, I'd say cut him loose.

Edit: Or at least he's listed on the practice roster. His profile says he played against Calgary and Hamilton, and that's it. Registered two tackles in each game. Can't imagine he'll be a huge loss.

...everyone's so quick to jump to conclusions...he probably noticed some problems with Commonwealth's grass field and was intent on making some repairs....

I was thinking more along the lines of the Rona commercial. "We only need 8 yards!"

No, what really happened was he heard a rumour that he was being traded to Winnipeg.

He grabbed the shovel and shouted, "No, Never, You can't make me go there, you'll never take me alive."

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm sure the situation will work itself out. The Mgt. and players will sit down and it will get resolved and be forgotten. Now can you imagine if this happened in Winnipeg with the present regime in place. It would take month to get ( not ) resolved. Everyone would be ticked off. Kelly's ego would inflate to an all time high and the media would have a field day. The circus atmosphere would be in full swing. Maybe even get a visit from Gleiberman or Skalbania. Edmonton has more intelligent people running their club and will find a way to resolve this issue and it won't be front page headlines day after day.

.....this is a story about the schmoes dawg....and you're trying to turn it into a negative about the BigBlue .. It's just you have no shame :oops: and does your negatron attitude have no bounds.... :lol: :lol: :lol: