Eskimos Post Loss of more than $2 Million in 2010

Just goes to show that even with average crowds of over 35,000 and decent corporate backing that a CFL team still posts a loss. That TV contract is hugely important.
Sask must be the only team that made any profit last year.

What other team paid out nearly $1.3 million towards a new playing surface at their stadium as well as $7.5 million towards construction of a community recreation centre? These are one-off investments towards improved facilities for the team (and community). Had they not been made, the team would still be a very profitable. I predict that they'll be profitable again within one or two football seasons.

There is a serious factual error in almost every one of mikem's posts.

The Eskimos "lost" $2.3 million net of $9 million of "donations" The Eskimos put $9 million towards Commonwealth Stadium improvements/renovations and wrote it off all in one year.

You know where most of that $9 million came from? The $5.2 million profit from hosting the Grey Cup. You'd have to be numerically illiterate to believe that the Eskimos "lost" $2.3 million.

If anyone really believes that the Eskimos really lost $2 million, then there is some lovely oceanfront property just outside of Saskatoon you might be interested in...