Eskimos play their final game of the season

It wasnt the season the Eskimos wanted, but its over. Edmonton has some good building blocks for next year. Good luck next year, and I look forward to watching my Riders play a competitive Eskimo team in 2014.

Congrats to the Eskies on finishing a terrible season with a W

I agree about the building blocks greenandwhite. I also think the Win and Loss columns never tell the complete story. I was looking over the actual final scores and in 5 of their games, the Esks were anywhere from within 2-6 of winning all of those games. They lost one of those games by only a margin of 5 points. In another they lost by only a single. And in 3 other games they lost only by a field goal. Had they won 4 of those nail biters and tied the 5th they would have qualified to be in the playoffs via the crossover by having more points than Montreal.

Of course that did not happen but it tells me that the Esks were much deeper into the playoff hunt than the win/loss columns indicate.

They have some very good players and a very good QB who will continue to get better. I don't think the Esks will be cellar dwellers come next season. In fact I think we'll be in for big surprise! :thup:

Definitely. Lots of those loses were on coaching blunders. I do think Reed has the potential to be a good Head Coach, and I think if given the opportunity to correct his mistakes he will do so and make this team competative again.

Glad KJ got in there

Great to finish with a win...downside...loss of one spot in the draft.

The Eskimos are probably the best 4-14 team I've ever watched play,have to agree with a few lucky bounces and some better coaching,it could have been the Esks vs Cats this year in the East Semi-Final.

The 2010 Bombers might argue that. They had a point differential of 21 on the season, the Esks 98. The also lost 10 games by a single score, 6 of those by 3 or less. I mean heck, they were good enough that the very next year they had a winning record, finished 1st and made it to the GC

The Esks sure look to be a team with a lot of upside potential moving forward though.