Eskimos offence

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An interesting article on Edmonton's offence. It's so nice to have so many guys coming back from last season. The annual rebuild was wearing a bit thin with me. The guys seem to like Strassers offence, so let's hope it works!

The paragraph I found most surprising in the article...

He's handed the ball to, variously, Troy Davis, Elvis Joseph, Ron (Goldie) McClendon, Damien Anderson, A.J. Harris, Tyler Ebell, McCarty, Jesse Lumsden, and Arkee Whtilock.

Look at all those running backs... :o Are you kidding?! So glad we still have Whitlock and McCarty. :thup:

I remember most of those names who's that Jessie guy?

And our offence just got a little bit etter. Campbell is back. I just about fell off my chair when I saw the headline. I honestly didn't think we'd see him back in the league...

It was funny I was listening to our sports talk radio and the were interviewing the guy who covers the Stamps he was talking about how many guys the Stamps lost to the NFL and Retirement but thinks they will better then Edmonton. Then the interviewed Campbell who covers the Esks the first thing he mentions was they just got Campbell back . I was hoping they would have went back to Calgary for another interview.

A couple of interesting comments in this article. Tucker said Campbell made a couple mistakes in practice, but that he still has the speed, which is great. And he does seem to be... somewhat eager to join the team. Hall said he's not guaranteed a starting spot, which I like. I know you shouldn't bench your top weapons, but to be honest, I'm still a little ticked about what happened last season, and how late he came this season. I think he needs to earn a spot. No one is entitled to anything. We've got guys like Stamps, Peterson, and Talbot. He needs to compete with those guys to get a starting spot.

Excellent revealing article, and your analysis is spot on and instructive for me as a relatively new fan as well. Great scoop!

Plus, Richie Hall running the Defence, Esks are going to be the real deal. West is going to be a crapshoot all season long I'm thinking. Whoever gets hot for a few hours in November, will be sitting pretty to end it all at Commonwealth.