Eskimos O-line

The Eskimos (under Ed Hervey) will try and build a solid starting offensive line in Edmonton with all five being Non-Imports.

When you look at their current roster, the Eskimos are heading into the right direction.

Team Draft Picks:
Austin Pasztor (OL), Selected 4th overall by the Edmonton Eskimos in the 2012 CFL Draft. Potiental Starting Tackle.
Scott Mitchell (G), Selected in the 1st round (2nd overall) by Edmonton in the 2011 CFL Canadian Draft. Starting Guard.
Gord Hinse (C), Selected by the Eskimos in the 2nd round (11th overall) in the 2009 CFL Canadian Draft. Backup Center.

Team Trades:
Matt O'Donnell (T) via Greg Carr (REC) trade with Saskatchewan (2012). Potiental Starting Tackle.
Carson Rockhill (OL) via Greg Wojt (OL) trade with Hamilton (2013). Potienal Starting O-linemen.

Free Agents:
Simeon Rottier (G) from Hamilton. Starting Guard.
Alexander Krausnick (C) from Winnipeg. Backup Center.
Kyle Koch (C) from Winnipeg. Starting Center.
Brian Ramsay (OL) from Hamilton. Backup/Starting O-linemen.
Dale Stevenson (OL) from Undrafted Free Agency. Depth Backup.

Look for the Eskimos to target an O-linemen with one of their draft picks in the CFL draft. A Guard seems more likely then a Tackle at this point.

Agreed. The key to this game is controlling the line of scrimmage, The more Canadians you have to do it the better.

The goal is to get to an all Canadian Oline but right now they do not have anyone who can play LT and Orrin Thompson was one of the best in the CFL last year. Scott Mitchel could eventually be able to play LT the position he played mostly as a starter in the NCAA at RICE. Matt O'Donnel got thrust into the line up last year at RT and was not ready at all a full TC could help. If he does arise as a solid starter at RT palying Mitchel at LG would make sense for this season as he gains expereince moving over to replace import Thompson in the future.
Paztor is still in the NFL. If or When he comes to EDM than they will be pretty complete to have an all Canadian Oline with suficient back at OT as well as on the interior

CURRENT ESKS STARTING OLINE since Thompson went down for the season

LT CLIFF LOUIS Pro football Journeyman since being an undrafter rookie free agent in 2007. A lot of NFL teams and practice rosters from 2007 to 2010 before all Pracice roster eligibility was up. Some time in the UFL in 2009 and 10 when things were going well and even had a stint with the Esks in '10.
Spring 2011 finally found some stability in the Arena football league with Clevland for the season. A big 6'8" 315 will turn 29 during the season. A lot of practice but not a lot of game were and tear but a nice solid year of stability in 2011 should help as he will want this job bad.

LG SCOTT MITCHEL . I magine that Mitchell will be wanted to make the move to the outside at LT in the near future a psoition he played most of his 4 season's in the NCAA at Rice.

Center Eskimo 5 year Vet Gord Hinse should be primed to start.

RG Simeon Rottier after an injury plagued 2012 season moving from LG to RG should be the strongest part of the Oline for the ESKS of course if he can stay healthy.

RT Matt O'Donnell O'Donnel after spending a stint as an NFL prospect with his huge 6'11" frame the project expereiment was over in the NFL and he joined the ESKS in mid Stream last year and due to injury was forced into the starting RT spot where he did not play well at all. Plenty of upside with time spent in the NFL, half a season in the CFL with being forced to start under fire he will be the key if he can make great strides by being with the esks the whole off season and starting TC as the RT it is possible. If he cannot handle it no need to panic but it will set the Esks Oline back. Mitchel could have to possibiliy have to move out to RT with Rottier moving back to LG and one of the younger aquisitions on the interieor starting at RG.

Edmonton has just brought in another import OT but Louis was their guy. expecting most likley to fill the role as a back up LT making the 46 as an insurance to Thompson should he have to miss a game before he would dress but with Thompson out for the season he has been thrust into the starting line up something that even 3 years ago he may not have been ready for but being able to get the reps for Clevland in the AFL for a whoe seson in 2011 he does have a year under his belt with one team and consitant time week in and week out. SHould help to trnaslate into starting in the CFL

With the LT 6-8 and the RT 6-11 and both well over 300, I hope their feet and kick-slides can match and they can keep pass rushers far to the outside to buy time if not push them down or away.

I wonder if either packs a good punch to go with that tremendous leverage or reach at those heights?

Who will be the starting line for game one.
Right now looking at the roster Scott Mitchell and Alexander Krausnick are currently on the one game IR.
Right now they have 6 Olineman on the roster 4 Canadians which i would suspect will all be starting with NFL and AFL veteran Cliff Louis finally healthy for a couple of season's looking good to start at LT leaving only pro football Journeyman Thaddeus coleman as the 6th and only other currently on the roster.
Mercer is on the PR right now but had a great training camp but isn't his future including returning to school in the fall so the esks may not want to roster him and keep him away from expansion draft.
I am curious as this game vs the Riders will be on Sunday so they do have time to make a move plus this will be my sunday afternoon activity with a nice perfect 3:30 start for me in the east :smiley: