Eskimos New Roster Players

The Edmonton Eskimos added some much needed depth overall this year. Its important for the Eskimos to get to the Grey Cup in their home city. Either in the West or a cross over in the East, Edmonton has a shot this year… thats for sure!

Eskimos Key Off Season Signings/New Players:
Andre Talbot
With Edmonton Making A Trade With The Argo’s. The Eskimos have brought in Reciever M.Talbot. He is a great canadian reciever who can catch and pick up quick yards. Just like Peterson, Talbot will benefit a rebirth in Edmonton.

Skyler Green
Edmonton has two key kick returners this season. Green & Jackson! Looks good. If Jackson ankle acts up again. He will likely be released for cheapier returner Skyler Green. Green filled in well last year near the end of the season.

Efren Hill
With Edmonton trading away Maurice Mann. Hill will be looked to gain major yards this upcoming season. This move could pay off big for Edmonton. Or it may not?!?!?!? Personally, i prefer Hill over Mann.

Clifford Lewis & Jeremy Parquet
The Eskimos signed these two big olinemen. Both linemen are over 6foot 6in. Lewis is writen down as 6ft 8, 310 LBS,
Parquet is writen down as 6ft 7, 335LBS. If these two have great speed, they could be the Eskimos new tackles a few years down the road. Edmonton pays O-Tackle Armstrong alot of money. Being in his option year, he will likely take a crack at the NFL next season. Lewis, Parquet have a shot, no promises.

The Eskimos have 15 DB’s on their roster. Edmonton brought in alot of depth for camp. This will be interesting for sure. Some DB’s could move to safety as well. Edmonton has two current Safeties on their roster. Corbin Sharun (listed at DB) would likely be a practise roster player, moved from DB to Linebacker. Camp is coming. No one is safe this year.

The Eskies brought in ALOT of new defencive linemen this year. Braidwood is 100% ready to go. Edmonton could bring the top DLINE to the field this year. Watch out for NFLer Pettaway. Braidwood, Romero, Ellis are three top CFL linemen. Cant wait for camp to see the battles!

Should Be Interesting!

Who are the Esks bringing in at MLB. I know the got Glatt but who else , Im not really keen on him .

Jeremy Parquet has a higher upside than Lewis I could not find any good info on him.

Jeremy Parquet
Height/Weight: 6-7/323 | Birthplace: Norco, LA | College: Southern Mississippi class of 2005

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Positives … Has impressive size, long arms, solid midsection, big bubble and a frame that can add more bulk … Carries his weight well and shows good short area explosion … Will compensate for his heavy feet by taking proper angles to neutralize linebackers at the second level … Flashes quickness and agility working in space … Plays until the whistle and is a smart player who is alert to games and stunts … Works to finish blockers when working in-line … Has adequate pop to reestablish position at the line of scrimmage … Can position or drive block with equal efficiency for the ground game … Uses his size well and shows a good kick slide in pass protection … Has the lateral quickness and change of direction agility to make blocks in space … Plays with a nasty, aggressive nature and is very adept at maintaining balance working in tight areas … Displays the foot balance to hold his own vs. the edge rush … Even with his wind-up hand punch (a little weak), his long arms allow him to deliver the reach blocks and make it tough for defensive ends attempting to turn the corner … Shows good body control redirecting in-line and could see time at guard at the next level due to his trap blocking ability … Mentally tough blocker who reacts well to the defender's stunts and is very effective using his size to clear out the rush lanes.

Negatives … Has narrow shoulders and small bone structure … Little stiff in the hips and struggles to bring his feet when on the move … Rarely lunges or overextends, but does wind up a bit with his hands before making contact … Is not what you'd consider a workout warrior in the weight room, but has made improvements in his work habits … Has a tendency to let his feet die after generating a quick initial burst off the ball … Hesitates before making contact and gets too erect in his stance at times, resulting in him getting pushed back vs. a strong bull rush … Gets good hand placement, but fails to deliver much power behind his punch … Has good lateral agility, but seems very reluctant to move his feet at times … Tends to get lazy in the off season and not only needs to be monitored, he must also develop better overall strength.

Andre Talbot I like him as a player but with Peterson Nowacki and Challenger not sure why we needed another canadian receiver.

Skyler Green we need to have both he and Tristan back there to return kicks not team could then kick away from either unless the want to kick to an up man.

Efrem Hill Showed flashes of brilliance last year he and Jason Barnes are the reason Mann was expendable. Also both are making significantly less than Moe.

I think at Safety we have Elliot Richardson who with his experience may start. Jason Nugent a Special teams warrior but probably not the starter after TC. Sammy Okpro a good young prospect who will probably be on the PR after TC. Sharun may also be a PR player.

The dark Horse is Saleem Borhot I think he may surprise a lot of people and be our starting safety. He looks really good, seems to have a nose for the ball and can really bring the wood.

On Our LBs I think Tim St Pierre and Rod Davis filled in admirably when Lloyd went down. I am not too worried about either.

wern’t both these guys terrible against the run last year? If memory serves is’t that why we lost to Calgary ?

Rod Davis and Tim St Pierre were good against the run. Unfortunately it was Mo Lloyd who was the weak link in Calgary He and Restelli over pursued and let Reynolds run rampant.

I guess in my old age my memory is not as good as it once was. :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: