Eskimos New Jerseys

Im not sure what to make of the new Eskimo jerseys... I dont think im a fan of either, especially with the old school stripes on the arms and the green away helmets... yuck. Should have just kept them the same. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I really like the home jersey, I really hate the green helmet though

Yeah, I'm kind of on the fence about the stripes on the arm...

Im sure itll grow on me a little bit, but as much as I love retro looks from the 60's-70's no matter what it is, in this case its jerseys, I dont really want to go back to that with new jerseys... thats why you have retro night... I liked the home and away jerseys from last year. These are brutal. Whose the retard that designed these? Calgarys are exactly the same and look good. Good christ... :? :thdn:

The home jerseys are cool, but the away ones look to have too much green than I thought from the sneak peek - May look more appealing on game day.