Eskimos needs to get a new punter

Sean Fleming is getting old and his punting is getting worse, remember the one he punted just 18 yards or something like that. So yeah i think the Eskies needs to get a new punter who is young and can kick the ball deep.

so do you agree with me?

hell no! Fleming is the best at coffin corner kicks in the entire league IMO. Every kicker shanks a punt every once in a while, usually at least once a game, so I wouldn't look too far into that. Did you not watch the BC game and see him punt one INSIDE the 1 YARD LINE? He hasn't had to kick many field goals this year, but he's been decent on most of them. I think he still has a good # of years left in him(and he signed for 2 or 3 years this off-season, if I'm not mistaken).

if anythign jr larose should get beaten by felmming.