Eskimos Name Jaques Chapdelaine New Offensive Coordinator

Monday, December 11, 2006 - 02:10PM

EDMONTON ( wire) -- The Edmonton Eskimos announced on Monday they have hired Jacques Chapdelaine as the club’s offensive coordinator and assistant head coach.

Chapdelaine comes to the Eskimos after four years with the B.C. Lions, the last two as their offensive coordinator. Under Chapdelaine’s guidance the Lions enjoyed the CFL’s leading passing offence (5,261 yards), completion percentage (68.3) and quarterback efficiency rating (104.9). The Lions’ offence also ranked in the top three of 12 different categories in 2006 including points (485) and touchdowns (49).

“Jacques has been a big part of our success over the past four seasons and the B.C. Lions Football Club wishes him the very best in his new role as assistant head coach in Edmonton,? said Lions general manager and head coach Wally Buono.

Chapdelaine began his coaching career at Bishop’s University in 1990 as offensive coordinator. In 1992, he got his first pro coaching job as special teams and receivers coach for the Toronto Argonauts. Two years later, he returned to Bishop’s as the offensive coordinator before moving on to Laval in 1997 as head coach. He led the Rouge et Or to the Vanier Cup championship in 1999. Chapdelaine returned to the CFL in 2001 as the Calgary Stampeders’ special teams and receivers coach. The Stamps won the Grey Cup in 2001 and Chapdelaine was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2002.

“Jacques is an outstanding offensive coach and he’s enjoyed great success at both the CIS and CFL levels,? said Eskimos head coach and director of football operations Danny Maciocia.

Chapdelaine was drafted out of Simon Fraser University in the first round of the 1983 draft by the B.C. Lions. He played seven seasons in the CFL with B.C., Montreal, Hamilton and Calgary.


Funny thing is, they had Wally on today's Noon Sports and he didn't seem to concerned, in fact he had granted permission before he went away on his cruise. Wally already has two candidates lined up for interviews to replace Chapdelaine.

I wasn't a big Chapdelaine fan. So this move doesn't bother me at all.

thats good it doesnt bother you because im betting next november soemtime you might be wonderign what the deuce!

Damn! I was hoping Danny Maciocia could be offensive coordinator again, he did such a great job!!!:wink:

YESSSS!!! I would have never thought we'd get Chapdelaine, he wasn't even rumoured to be interviewed by the Esks! I'm extremely impressed with Maciocca's coaching changes so far, dropping RDL and getting Chapdelaine. He has made Printers, Dickenson, Pierce, and Jackson look like world beaters under their offence, he'll most certainly be able to do the same with Ricky Ray, if given the right personnel.


the most exciting part of his hiring is how he used his BEST PLAYERS in the big situations you always saw Geroy get the ball on a key 3rd down, but with macocia you never saw that

Chapdelaine knows how to use his best player and mix him up in diffrent situations for him to be succesfull...thats what im pumped about

Im somewhat puzzled by his decision. He is going from the grey cup champs to one of the only teams to miss the playoffs without getting any kind of promotion. Im not really sure what chapdelaines reasoning was. The only semi possible reasoning i can see is that he anticipates that maciocia is more likely to get fired than buono next year and he would have the inside track. Admitedly thats not hte most likely of scenarios but Im really puzzled by this

Perhaps he felt underpaid in BC, after winning the Grey Cup, and the Eskimos offered him a raise. Perhaps the fact that his son plays football for the U of A Golden Bears in Edmonton was a factor. Whatever his reasons are, he's a solid addition to the Eskimos coaching staff. His name was likely not mentioned by the media as a possible candidate previously, as he was still under contract with the Lions, and until he received permission from them to talk to other teams, negotiations could not have begun. Due to his contract with BC, most people likely did not consider him a candidate to be moving.

hmmmmm..and Buratto is more than likely going to be named as Argos man.....funny how things go..... :lol:

Actually, we had expected him & Richie to be gone, and many were quite surprised when Richie didn't get the HC job in Regina.

Losing Chappy won't be too big a deal, methinks. Chappy's 2005 offense was his normal O-scheme...predictable and not too effective unless you have really exceptional players...something the EE don't have. 2006 he was nudged by Wally to change things up...maybe he didn't like that too much.

We'll see how he does next year in Edmonton...does he keep the style of '06, or go back to the style of '05? Under Wally I would have guessed '06, under Maccocia...'05.


ok gill i think your personlly thinking out of your orange and white brain, chap made that offense go. we have no exceptional players???? are you kidding..Ricky, Tucker, so yah we got the players to run the score up so yah this is a BIG LOSS for the leos

I have to agree with Hwgill somewhat. In 2005 Chappy was predictable. In 2006, he was more creative.

Anyways, anybody was an improvement over Lancaster Junior. You guys should notice the improvement.

...Ray, Tucker, Davis, and to some degree Mitchell and Hervey? Stop trying to disrupt the excitement of Eskimo fans, just b/c you're upset about losing your GC winning OC.

2006 Receiver stats, BC/Edmonton, in league top 25:

  1. Simon (BC) 1856 yards
  2. Tucker (Edm) 1321 yards
  3. Hervey (Edm) 898 yards
  4. Mitchell (Edm) 892 yards
  5. Jackson (BC) 634 yards
  6. Thelwell (BC) 625 yards
  7. Davis (Edm) 546 yards

2006 Sack Stats
Sacks allowed by Edmonton: 42
Sacks allowed by BC: 56

So much for Edmonton not have exceptional players on offence.

Anyways, it sounds like Chapdelaine left b/c he wanted a raise in salary.

[url=] ... &nid=14252[/url]

"He's getting paid what an offensive co-ordinator, in my opinion, should be paid," Maciocia said.

And is that going rate more than you made when you held that job description?

"Damn right," Maciocia said.

Doesnt bother me in the least, guy got run out of

Keep up the good work Danny!

just like you ran out burrato lol.the best OC in the league smart one by flander's

Mr gap toothed willy should have been run out..if you had any sence of a smart organization butttt you dont

In my books, we NOW have the best offensive coordinator. Burattos good, but i cant tell you how
many times the guy had me shaking my head.

Between his boneheaded play calling, and Burris's brain
cramps, we were doomed.

u'll be sooorrreee... :cry:

Heres to another season of Edmonton missing the playoffs in 2007!

Chapdelaine might be overrated. Perhaps, an average coach disguised by superior personnel at BC. In 2006, BC offense improved because of personnel changes and better defense. Most BC fans remember Buretto as the better offensive coach.

Probably, Chapdelaine departed for more money. Prudent financial managers such as Buono are supposed to be cheap and BC is rumoured to have one of the lowest payrolls in the CFL.

What are you talking about? Offence wasn't our problem this year...D was...