Eskimos name coaching staff

Wow... biggest surprise: Rick Campbell is out. I honestly didn't think they'd let him go. He's been replaced by Jim Daley. And earlier reports about Tucker turned out to be true.

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........looks like the rumours were true ,except for the fact, that Berry didn't join the staff in Edm...I'd laugh, chief, at the Daley hiring if it wasn't for the rumour, that Campbell will be hired in the Peg...The laugh could well be on me... :lol:

What's wrong with Daley (haven't really followed his career)? Regardless, I'd imagine anything would be an improvement over Campbell. I'm glad we didn't go after Berry.

Actually that looks like a big improvement over last year. I think Daley has shown he’s not a great head coach but he should be a big upgrade as defensive coordinator.

Bang on Dust; Daley has had a good record as a defensive coordinator, both in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg. It was when he was promoted in both cities to the head coaching gig that he crashed and burned. Smart move by Richie Hall I’d say; they coached together in Saskatchewan so Daley certainly will be able to settle into Richie’s plans for the Edmonton D rather quickly.

However, Jeff Bleamer? The guy in charge of Hamilton’s swiss-cheese offensive line last year? That one is a head scratcher.

Well, he'll certainly be able to spot poor technique.

...that is an impressive lineup...congrats to the EEs for fielding a well-qualified coaching staff...Hall will have great support in his first year as HC...

Daly over Campbell is a huge improvement!

well at least we know Hall makes smarter choices than Maciocia