Eskimo's Mike Kelly as Bombers HC/GM

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Why the Eskimos would bring that ruckus into their locker room in the playoffs is anyone's guess.

Considering this guy is only the receivers coach and this is his first season, I don't see it having that big of an impact on the team this week... It certainly won't be like the Stamps and Huff last season.

...that is pretty weird, the timing of this announcement, like why would the eskimos allow this to potentially screw up their locker room this close to the end of the season?....strange...

...and I agree Chief, GM and Head Coach?!....this has stamps and Dunnigan written all over it...

...IF ...this comes into being....Kelly brings a ton of experience to the BigBlue.....He has seen success in the Peg and his name has always been bandied about in circles around the club to enter on some level with the team ,in the past..He definitely would have a lot on his plate coming back to the Peg.....some say he has big shoulders....we know he's talented... we'll see... :thup:

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Though general manager Brendan Taman will remain with the team, Bauer said his roles and responsibilities may change to accommodate the new head coach. According to CFL sources, the new coach is almost sure to be Mike Kelly, a former Bombers assistant who is currently the receivers coach for the Edmonton Eskimos.

Kelly has a background in player personnel with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. It is believed he will take on some of that role with Winnipeg, combining responsibilities as the club's head coach and director of football operations.

“There's going to be some defined roles and responsibilities as it pertains to football operations,? said Bauer. “Brendan will be retained but his role will be redefined. The roles and responsibilities won't be determined until we have a new head coach.?

..... Reports also say Kelly will be bringing some of the Edm. people who had been working with him ...I guess Dancin Danny is starting to 'choka' up a bit...especially getting all of this news just before a playoff game...Could be a little unsettling... :roll:

The Bombers should be charged with Tampering right. The season is not over and they are approaching staff. Seems a bit odd is it not.

Not if they had permission.

They taking Campbell...? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, it does seem a bit odd... Danny M. isn't the brightest bulb in the pack, but I don't see why he'd let other teams mess with his staff... Personally, I don't think there should be any changes made during the playoffs; teams shouldn't even have the option of letting their coaches be approached by other teams. I'm sure these teams can wait a few weeks... Oh well.

Tamans role needs to reduced all right.....can you say "Out the door?"

It is currently speculation, I mean they quote two sources close to the cfl....that could be RW05 and RLR.

BTW RW05, should you really be asking why a team would let a rumor like that out during the season.....given the whole saga last year with Higgens and Hufie. I mean really....

I will wait and see if they actually announce Kelly.... way......BUT he can bring RICKY....HEH HEH :lol:

No Kidding. Who do they think they are, Ron Rooke??

....more and more rumours coming out of this one......latest is???? Dancing Danny is mad as hell at the Bombers....accusing them of tampering .....really////i haven't seen anyone from the BigBlue talking to Kelly....add this one too....Machoka is getting the gm roll next year and leaving the coaching ranks...leaving the door open for his best buddy ,Doug Berry , to come in as coach of the esks............hmmmmmmmmm....yes Marty York is alive and doing well....but i ain't he :lol: :lol: :lol: just rumours....

Wouldn't really want Doug Berry as our coach, but I would love it if Danny M. stepped aside.

Okay so where has all the talk come from about hiring Mike Kelly from the Eskimos??? As far as I know the Eskimos have a playoff game tomorrow in Montreal! Why and who would bring this up now? Totally unprofessional!! What did rw05 call it? Tampering!!! For crying out loud, why couldn't the parties or party involved wait until the Monday after the Grey Cup game??? If it was indeed the Bomber GM or CEO who started yapping about Mike Kelly first then maybe the Bombers have to dig alot deeper in order to "FIX" their problems! DOUG BERRY is just the start of things to come in Bomberland! If this was a media thing then maybe they need to learn some restraint!! That'll be the day!! It reminds us all of the Higgins situation not so long ago!!

Sorry about the missed "W" in Winnipeg before I posted! My little boy was distracting me LOL!!


....too many IFS there scotty, They better prove tampering before they start yapping it up....It was announced by a couple of sport-media outlets....NO BOMBER CONFIRMATION....although it was mentioned again in the play-off game....Kelly to join Bombers...and 'maybe' Doug Berry to join the esks...Unproffessional...i think not... :wink: