Eskimos May Have Maas at Quarterback

Eskimos May Have Maas at Quarterback

One can only hope!

Bellefeuille believes Ray will start.

If Ray is banged up then pressure has never been so imperative.

8) If Maas does play, he will probably have his best game ever against us !!
 That will undoubtedly get everyone here worked all up again  !!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

 That is the way things always go for the Cats, when playing against previous, discarded players.     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Ttipper I fear you are exactly right. But if the Ticats have any hope in winning, facing Maas would be their best and probably only hope.

correct. Look for Maas to be very efficient if he starts.

Jason Maas 2007 QB rating 82.1 (see ... year/2007/)

The man many people here think we should be are starting QB. Richie Williams 2008 QB rating 82.3 (see ... year/2008/)

Yet Maas was a horrible QB here and Williams is a superstar in waiting. Perception is EVERYTHING

ahh man....i dont want maas to play....just watch him tear it up and then we will look like fools

Ray Will Start
Maas May Finish.

Maas starts, the Cats have a chance!!! Is this the Maas who couldn't throw more than 20 yards, who had trouble hiting a moving receiver, who stood rigid when the ball was snapped and watched it sail past his head, who turned to hand of the ball when the back was long gone into the line......

He starts or plays alot, the Cats have a real chance in Edmonton.

An Argo-Cat fan

maas may have his best game with the cats or against the cats

Only trouble with Maas playing tonight is that I think he might be back to the old one who played with the Eskies before, all healed up.

Either way, our D will have to play at the very best of their ability to stay with them.

I thought Maas was their 19th string QB.

Maas will beat the Cats if he plays. He's 100 percent healthy and played well in the pre-season.

If he still has no arm strength he can lob his 7-10 yarders into the area we used to have a ML all night.

The pre season is the pre season.