Eskimos - Living on the Edge

Although I disagreed with the choices of plays leading up to the failed fake punt on Thursday, I felt that the first two downs Eskimos should have killed the clock and run the ball in the shadow of their own goalposts. The fake itself I am not upset about, even though I might not agree with it.

It is my hope that the Eskimos continue to live "on the edge", the results won't always be there but the entertainment will.

To sum up the Mississippi Gambler approach, that was a monicker that was used to describe a former Eskimo great, Jackie Parker. If the Jones era provides half the entertainment we enjoyed in the Parker era (particularly the playing days), I am all for it. In fact I love it. Keep rolling them bones! :cowboy: :thup: :rockin:

I don't mind gambles as long as they make sense.

I remember watching the Colts-Saints Super Bowl. The Saints were slowly starting to take momentum, and when the Colts got the ball back with under 2 minutes, instead of going into their two-minute offence with the greatest QB and at least trying to get a FG, they just took a couple knees and ended the half. And how did the second half start? With the Saints doing an onside kick. I believe the Saints knew they had the Colts on the ropes. The Colts were always a cautious team.

The Colts got badly out-coached and so did the Eskimos. The fake punt made no sense, and they paid for it. The Saints were smart, the Eskimos were not.

I love the balls of that call I really do, but 20 seconds before the half? Not good timing.

Again it should not have come down to that play, it was the 2 previous plays that did not make sense. Keep the ball on the ground, kill the clock, go to the dressing room with a tie and momentum. Gambling is for when you need momentum not when you have momentum. Bad choices but don't get boring on us.

I havent watched too close...but it also looked like a crap spot by the refs

You say you didn't watch it to
Close , but rip on the refs for a crap spot :roll:
It was a awful call , it was not gutsy ,it lost the game for a team that was rolling at 4- 0 and the half was almost over . Not like they were going to score points if they got the first down . That type of call is a once in a lifetime type call , not sure why he wasted it, late in a half, in July and in game 5 of the season . That's something you pull out in a playoff game where it would change momentum .

Spotting of the ball was reviewed and deemed correct by video replay, its a moot point. The gutsy call however :smiley:
It took some big ones to call it from your end zone.

From an Eskimo fan, absolutely the correct spot by the officials. I thought that game was very well handled by the officials.

Despite what Chris Jones has said, I don't think the fake punt was about trying to score on every play.

From that point on the field, a punt gives the ball to the Stamps in field goal position. So at that moment, even though the Esks still had the ball, they were essentially already down 3 points. If they make the 1st down, they take those 3 points off the board but if they turn the ball over they probably give up a TD, giving the Stamps an additional 4 points. So in the end, the turnover didn't give the Stamps 7 points, it only gave the Stamps 4 points. I think a stats guy could run some numbers that show that it was shrewd play-calling by Jones.

But I think Chris Jones was mostly using that play to create/bolster his persona as a swashbuckling gambler. I mean, seriously, who gambles on a 3 & 10 on that field position at that point in the game? For the rest of the season, it will be harder for the opposition to game-plan for an opponent who could literally do anything.

Sometimes you take your medicine and live to fight another day. Give up 2, run around waste some time in the endzone. Kickoff and that ends the half. It's a long game and 2 points isn't a game changer.

Remember when Jim Barker's Argos faked conceding a safety in their own end zone? That one worked.

And that was a Mike O'Shea special teams play. Don't like the guy (bad blood from his playing days) but he sure made the Argos' special teams fun to watch -- for anyone but a Ticat fan.

"Gutsy" is the only word I can think of to describe Jones' decision; though that word doesn't come close. He's got berries like bowling balls. They came so close to making it, another half yard and he'd be called a genius. That kind of play call is fun to long as it's not my team making them.