Eskimos @ Lions

Little over 30 minutes until game time... though it may be delayed because of the whopping the Raptors are laying on the Hornets... :?

Go Eskimos Go! Spank those pussycats like they just peed on the carpet! :stuck_out_tongue:

The Raptor game is also on TSN2 so hopefully TSN1 will switch over at 10:30

This could be a barn burner.

Tonight's the night to put the eskies out of their misery!


Tonight's the night, the Tabbies mathematically make the playoffs!!!

Go BC!!!

Looks like the Raps game is gonna end early. Man, that was painful to watch if you're a Hornets fan. :lol:

Time for some CFL action! GO ESKIES! :smiley:

Tonight's the night Casey Printers leads us to the promise land!!!!!


If the lions make the playoffs, they can make some noise...they've been playing well.

First big play goes to BC.

Where in the hell was he throwing that one? Did a receiver mess up because it didn't look like anyone was around... :roll:

Ray to Barrin Miles… for the BC 1st down!!!

You would think TSN would use an updated pic of Printers not in a Hamilton uniform. Showing him in the Ti-cats uniform is jinx'n his first win as a Lion!

Nevermind. That was completely on Ray. Come on, Ray!

The EE D. dosen't have to worry about over commit on Pierce.....Lay him out

If I recall Pierce laid the EEs out to dry last time.....DUMB ASS!

Watch and learn....4550

First off, he didn't lay anyone out to dry. Geroy Simon ran in the game-winning score because two Edmonton defenders left their brains on the sideline. Second, leave the dumb ass comments out, mkay... :roll:

Good run by Whitlock. I had my doubts early on, but this guy is turning into a beast. I hope he sticks around. If McCarty gets healthy... man, we could have a great running game again.

Hey Chief, I specifically remember the game and circumstances surrounding your Whitlock doubts.
He certainly redeemed himself over the course of the season.

Niiiiice! TD
Whitlock looks sharp,53 yards 1st q.
Ray looks sharp,
Stamps looks sharp.

BC..not so sharp

I feel for Casey. Tough break.

Yeah, that does suck for Casey. I'm a little surprised the Lions didn't go for it there. I thought Buck was only half a yard shy of the first down... but I didn't notice where they were at on the field. I suppose that could've played a part in the decision.