Eskimos @ Lions

Now that that crap game is over, it's time for the marquee game. Go Eskimos Go!!!

We spotted Ray 7. Now its time to get down to business.

Good one... :roll:

Whoooot whoooooot... I-N-T. Touchdown!!!!!! Whoooooot Whoooooot!

Enough with the friggin picks, Ray. Sweet Christ.

5 more turnovers to go.

No doubt. If this turns into the Turnover Show again, I'm watching a movie... I think Beetlejuice might be on...

Wow BC place looks pretty empty tonight, isn't that pretty odd for a friday of long weekend?

No fumble IMO

Too bad I am cheerin for the Esks this week

Thanksgiving weekend I'm going to guess a few people are visiting family out of town this weekend.

I guess it just seems like Argos game empty, I find it kind of odd for a place as big as Vancouver and surrounding area, then again there is TO nm, guess its the Big Cities that have Part Time fans :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I take that back it has filled up, this is also something that I don't get, why does it take almost a half of football for BC place to fill, once before this season I was tricked into saying "why is BC Place empty" and by the end of the 2nd quarter it was pretty full. I don't get it.

3 minutes in the 2nd quarter and they go for it on 3rd and 1. Gutsy. Lucky it paid off.

What the hell is wrong with Murphy? Was holding Goss down really necessary? And then the fighting… I hope the league hits him up hard. This isn’t the first time.

Glad to see #26 of Edmonton trying to block Goss from the fight, and thanks to #24 from B.C. for coming to check on him.

No no, must have it wrong...Murphy is pristine, or so we've been told repeatedly...:roll:

Prestine, my ass... I'll fully admit what Shabazz did was stupid, and he deserves what he got. But Murphy is a danger to the game.

I can see a suspension in Mr. Murphy's near future. The goon is back....
Goss could have had a broken neck, and there is Murphy doing his choke hold act again....

Murphy didn't do anything illegal? He forced a fumble and laid on the guy. There is nothing in the rules that say you cna't do that? Shabazz shouldn't have been ejected as much as Romaro for his late hit on Murphy. Cripes, he ran over and laid him out way after the whistle. Typical Eskimos. Dirty, dirty team. Machocha has lost control again. He should be fined.

Whatever Arius. Go back to your hole in the Riders forum. He didn't choke anyone.

Typical BS response from Swervin. Be sure to let us know when you're ready to come back down to reality.

Glad to see Goss get up under his own power. Hopefully it's not too serious.

Watch the replay people. After he laid on top of him, he had his facemask grabbed and his neck yanked to the side. Murphy has always been a dirty player.